Make a Key Cover claim

If your keys have been lost or stolen Key Cover can provide you with immediate assistance through their 24/7 emergency helpline.

How to make a claim on your Key Cover

Making a claim:
If you think that you've lost your keys or had them stolen, you will need to contact Keycare's emergency helpline immediately on:

0330 0600 623

This is a 24-hour service, so matter what time of day or night you can get help.

You must report your lost or stolen keys within 30 days of becoming aware of a loss or theft.

If you suspect your keys or fobs have been stolen, you need to notify the police and get a crime reference number.

You don't need to pay out for locksmiths or new keys. Keycare operates direct billing, so you don't need to spend any money and claim it back. However, you must speak with Keycare before calling out a locksmith directly.

What happens next?
The emergency helpline will assist you instantly by arranging locksmiths to attend your property, sorting out new car keys or fobs as soon as possible and arranging overnight accommodation or car hire if necessary (up to a maximum claim limit).

Frequently asked questions:

How to claim - FAQ's

What if I lose my keys?

If you're locked out of your home, car etc. and have no other way of gaining entry please contact one of our experts on 0330 0600 623.

How often are lost keys recovered?

Keycare have a 40% recovery rate for lost keys that have the special fob attached, many within an hour.

What if my keys are stolen?

In the event your keys are stolen please call one of our advisors on 0330 0600 623. In order to make a claim you will need a crime reference number from the police.

Do I have to pay an excess if I claim?

Don't worry, there's no excess payable on your Key Cover policy.

Do I need a special fob to attach to my keys?

When you purchase a policy you will receive your fob(s) in the post. These need to be attached to your keys in order to make a claim. This provides us with a much greater chance of retrieving your keys should someone find them.

How long do I have to notify Keycare of my key loss or theft?

You have 30 days to notify Keycare about your missing keys from the time you noticed to loss or theft.

Why do I have to wait if my keys are lost?

No keys are deemed irrecoverably lost until 3 days after the loss. However, if you're locked outside your home or vehicle we can arrange for someone to come out and give you access. Please call one of our experts on 0330 0600 623 if you need assistance.

Is there an incentive for anyone who finds my keys to hand them in?

Yes, the finder will receive a £10.00 reward from Keycare. Your keys are then returned to you, but don't worry your details are never given out.

Is it just car and home keys and fobs that are covered?

All keys that are important for personal use are covered. This includes keys for your home, care, garage, sheds and other external buildings, and safety deposit boxes. Please refer to your policy documents to understand more about what is covered.