Number 1

Home Insurance
provider in the UK

About Us

At Policy Expert we have a lot to be proud of.

Since our launch in May 2011 we’ve turned Policy Expert into the UK’s fastest growing Home Insurance provider – insuring over 250,000 homes across the UK.

Whilst growing fast is great, it doesn’t always mean happy customers. So it was a great day when our customers voted us the UK’s number 1 Home Insurance provider on A title we earned in 2012 and have kept ever since.

We wish we could say there’s a magic formula to our success, but the reality is our success centres around our customer centric approach. Customers are at the heart of everything we do and any decisions we make have to pass our “customer first” test.

We have a growing team of over 150 experts in our Milton Keynes contact centre. Helping customers find the best deal on their Home Insurance as well as helping them when things go wrong.

As we say, we have a lot to be proud of, a new company with a different approach; competitive cover, delivered by experts and designed with the customer in mind. That’s Policy Expert!