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We offer a range of insurance cover levels for buildings, contents or combined home insurance, so you can get cover that really fits.


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Home emergency

Cover around the clock - 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Boiler breakdown, including heating and hot water failures

Burst pipes, plumbing and drainage problems

We aim to get a fully qualified tradesman out to you within 2 hours

Securing your property in response to problems like smashed windows

Pest and vermin infestations, like wasps or rats

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Legal expenses

A helpline service, staffed by trained professionals, for you to discuss any private legal problem

Compensation for loss of earnings caused by Jury Service

Help to claim compensation if you're injured and it's not your fault

Protection of your legal rights as a home-owner e.g. a boundary or neighbour disputes

Resolution of disputes over goods or services you've bought, including holidays

Identity theft cover including assistance to remove fraudulent activity from your credit file

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Key cover

Cover up to £1,500 provided

24 hour, 365 days emergency helpline

Cover includes: locksmith charges, replacement keys and locks, reprogramming immobilisers and travel costs

Reward to the finder of lost keys

Optional Extras

Cycle cover

Bicycles covered if stolen while away from home

Higher limit available, useful for expensive bicycles

Compensation if bicycle is damaged whilst locked up outside

Cover throughout the UK, and worldwide

Optional Extras

Accidental damage

Protect against DIY accidents, like hammering through a pipe

Compensation for damage caused by children

Repair or replacement of fixtures and fittings, like sinks or kitchen work surfaces

Cover for spillages, particularly onto carpets or soft furnishings

Covers accidental breakage of valuables, like cracking a TV screen when repositioning it

Repair or replacement of damaged computer equipment, like laptops or tablets

Optional Extras

Away from home

Cover for any items worth less than £2,000 that you take outside of your home

Cover for loss or theft of mobile phones, tablets or laptops

Repayment of money stolen from you, including foreign currency

Goods stolen from an unattended vehicle are covered (as long as it is locked)

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