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Steve Franklin, 02/02/2021

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Choose your cover level

We offer a range of insurance cover levels for your car so you can get cover that really fits.

Optional extras and add-ons

Optional extra

Legal assistance

Up to £100,000 towards legal expenses to defend your rights

Help with claiming back car insurance policy excess

Help with settling car hire, purchase or sales disputes

Compensation for a personal injury

Assistance with pot-hole damage, unenforceable parking fines and illegal clamping

Optional extra

Key cover

Cover up to £1,500 provided

24 hour, 365 days emergency helpline

Cover includes: locksmith charges, replacement keys and locks, reprogramming immobilisers and travel costs

Reward to the finder of lost keys

Optional Extra

Breakdown Cover

24 hour, 365 day assistance

Nationwide Recovery to anywhere in the UK

Unlimited call-outs

Optional extra

Replacement Vehicle

Keep on the road if your car is a total loss

Up to 14 day hire car provided

24 hour, 7 day a week helpline


Personal Accident Cover

Up to £30,000 cover per person in the event of loss of limb, sight, speech or hearing

Up to £30,000 cover per person in the event of permanent disablement or death

A maximum pay out of £240,000 per accident

£100 in the event of hospitalisation (per 24 hours in hospital)


Excess Protection

Claim back your excess following the settlement of a claim

Cover for accidental damage, vandalism, fire, flood, theft and attempted theft

Choose from £350, £500 or £1000 of cover

Terms and conditions apply

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