Legal Expenses

From just £29.95 per year

Legal disputes happen, whether it’s a disagreement over home rights and boundaries, or employment discrimination or disputes. Unfortunately the cost of legal proceedings can be expensive, which means many people find it too expensive to pursue legal action. For just £29.95 per year Legal Expenses cover can give you peace of mind, knowing that our trained advisers and partner solicitors are never more than a phone call away.

For more information or to add Legal Expenses Cover to your Home Insurance policy, just call one of our Experts on 0330 0600 601, to make a claim please call 0330 0600 621.

What does Legal Expenses Cover include?

For full details or to make a claim, check your Policy Documents or login to your account.

What is covered by Legal Expenses Cover:

  • Legal assistance and advice from one of the largest Solicitors firms in the UK, Irwin Mitchell.
  • Identity Theft cover provided as standard, including assistance to remove fraudulent activity from your credit file
  • A no obligation helpline, staffed by trained legal professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Unfair dismissal, discrimination or employment contract disputes
  • Help to claim compensation if you're injured and it's not your fault
  • Protection of your legal rights as a home owner e.g. a boundary or neighbour disputes
  • Disputes relating to goods or services you've bought, including holidays or travel disputes

Some common Legal Expenses Cover questions:

Q.Who is covered by Legal Expenses Cover?

A. Legal Expenses Cover from Policy Expert will cover all members of your family who reside at the address you’ve purchased your Home Insurance policy for. The Legal Expenses Cover won’t include lodgers, and other paying guests, or any friends staying at the address.

Q.Will Legal Expenses cover always provide legal assistance?

A. You’ll need to check your policy wording for everything that’s included in your Legal Expenses cover. Your Solicitor will normally only pursue legal proceedings if they believe you have reasonable chance winning your case. Your insurer will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and advise you on the best course of action.

Q.Q. If I receive a settlement offer, do I have to accept it?

A. Your Solicitors will act on your behalf to ensure that you receive a fair and reasonable pay out, and work with you to ensure that the amount you expect is acceptable. If they see a settlement as reasonable you will be expected to accept it.

Q.Q. What am I not covered for?

A. Our Legal Expenses cover is a comprehensive cover but it doesn’t include pre-existing disputes, disputes of a matrimonial nature (like divorce proceedings) or if your case is considered to be ‘un- winnable’.

Legal Expenses cover doesn’t cover all legal matters, but the 24 hour helpline can give advice on certain issues. If you’re unsure whether your legal dispute is included, give our UK based Customer Service team a call on 0330 0600 601.

How to make a claim:

  • If you are concerned about a dispute potentially becoming legal issue, you should always seek advice before pursuing a claim. For instance, if you are having a dispute with a neighbour about boundaries, seek advice on how best to settle your differences amicably before taking legal action.
  • If a crime has been committed, you will need to call the appropriate emergency service immediately. Your insurer might need your Crime Reference Number, which will be provided to you by the Police.
  • If legal action is brought against you, contact the claims helpline as soon as possible and they will advise you on the next best steps to take.

The telephone number and opening hours will be on your Schedule, which you can access via your online account. If you can’t find your documents, you can call the Policy Expert Customer Services team on 0330 0600 601 and we’ll transfer your call.