Home Insurance

Fixed for 2 years*

Fix the price of your Home Insurance for 2 years

We’ve negotiated an exclusive deal with selected insurers to offer you a fixed price Home Insurance premium for two years. Subject to the few rules below, if you buy a 'Policy Expert Home Essentials' or 'Policy Expert Home Premier' branded Home Insurance policy through Policy Expert, we’ll give you the same price next year as you pay this year. Get a quote now to see our competitively priced policies.

The Rules

Buy today and your premium will be fixed next year if:

  • All your details stay the same, e.g. you don't move house, change jobs, or change the amount of cover you need.
  • You don't make a claim - this includes if a claim is accepted or rejected.

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Frequently asked questions

Q.What happens if I make a claim?

A. If you make a claim on your policy at any point during Year 1 whether successful or not, your Insurance Premium will not be fixed for Year 2 and will be subject to the normal underwriting rules of your insurer. Your Insurance Premium for the policy year in which you claimed will not be affected.

Q.What happens at renewal?

A. When your 2 Year Fixed Price policy comes up for renewal and if you are still eligible for the offer, we will send you a reminder of the renewal date. You will need to confirm you wish to renew.

If you are not eligible for the 2 Year Fixed Price offer at renewal, we will still remind you that your policy is due for renewal and should you wish, we can provide you with competitive quotations from any other insurers on our panel that provide cover for you.

Q.Can my insurer make any changes?

A. Yes. Our insurers regularly review their products, including the amount of cover they offer, excesses and exclusions to ensure what they do is competitive. Usually they are making enhancements rather than reducing cover. To make sure you have the most up to date protection and the best cover levels available, at renewal you will be offered the insurer’s current product which may include some changes from the previous year. We’ll always make sure you’re aware of what’s changed and that you are offered a product that suits your needs.

If you have any other questions about this offer or wish to give us any feedback, you can contact us on the number above, contact us online or email us at ask@policyexpert.co.uk