Away From Home

Cover up to £10,000 of items

If you carry around gadgets and valuables on a regular basis you will need to include Away from Home Cover in your Home Insurance. Away from Home cover will protect your gadgets like tablets, smartphones and digital cameras, as well as more traditional items such as jewellery, watches and glasses. Depending on what items require cover, Away from Home cover could cost as little as a few pounds.

For more information or to add Away From Home Cover to your Home Insurance policy, just call one of our Policy Experts on 0330 0600 601.

What does Away from Home Cover include?

For full details or to make a claim, check your Policy Documents or login to your account.

What is covered by our Away from Home Cover?*

  • Any items worth less than £2,000 that you take outside of your home
  • Mobile phones, tablets or laptops, jewellery, watches and glasses
  • Money, including foreign currency
  • Theft from an unattended vehicle, if the items were locked in the car

Some common Away from Home Cover questions:

Q.How does Away from Home Cover work?

A. When you purchase Away from Home Cover, your items will be covered throughout the UK, and on some policies you will also be covered worldwide, if they are lost or stolen whilst you’re out and about.

Q.How do I make a claim on my Away from Home Cover?

A. If your item is stolen while you’re out of your home, you will need to report this to the police, and get a Crime Reference number. Then you can call your claims number in your policy wording and report the theft to the insurer. If your item was lost, your insurer may ask you to take reasonable steps to try to recover the item, like retracing your steps or telephoning the place you think you lost it. They might also ask for proof of ownership, like a receipt or in some cases a photo of the item.

Q.If my items are lost or stolen while I’m on holiday can I make a claim?

A. Some policies include worldwide cover for a certain number of days, like while you’re on holiday, so it’s worth reading your policy wording carefully. Don’t forget you should also take out Travel Insurance before going abroad; to cover you if a medical emergency occurs.

Q.What isn’t included under Away from Home cover?

A. Our Away from Home Cover is a comprehensive cover but there are some exclusions and limitations, so read your policy wording carefully. A common exclusion is bicycles, but these can be added separately to the policy.

If you have any questions about Bicycle Cover or what’s included in the policy, give our UK based Customer Service team a call on 0330 0600 601.

How to make a claim:

  • If an item goes missing or is lost, it’s important that you take reasonable steps to recover your lost item. This could include retracing your steps, or contacting places you could’ve misplaced the item.
  • If a crime has been committed, you will need to call the emergency services immediately. Your insurer may need your Crime Reference Number, which will be provided to you by the Police.
  • Call your insurer as soon as possible to make them aware of your claim. and we will transfer your call. The telephone number and opening hours will be on your Schedule, which you can access via your online account. If you can’t find your documents, you can call the Policy Expert Customer Services team on 0330 0600 601 and we’ll transfer your call.