Accidental Damage

Standard and Extended Cover

Accidental Damage insurance is there to ensure you can replace or repair items that are damaged unintentionally or by accident. Extended Accidental Damage cover can be added to either your buildings or contents insurance policy, to cover you for unforeseeable accidents.

For more information or to add Accidental Damage Cover to your Home Insurance policy, just call one of our Policy Experts on 0330 0600 601.

What does Accidental Damage Cover include?

For full details or to make a claim, check your Policy Documents or login to your account.

What is covered by our Standard Accidental Damage Cover*:

  • Buildings insurance - Underground drains, pipes and cables
  • Buildings insurance - Fixed glass, such as windows
  • Sanitary fittings and ceramic hobs
  • Breakage of glass in furniture or mirrors
  • Damage to ceramic hobs

What is covered by our Extended Accidental Damage Cover*:

  • Buildings insurance - DIY accidents, like hammering through a pipe
  • Buildings insurance - Damage caused by children
  • Damage to fixtures and fittings, like baths, sinks or kitchen work surfaces
  • Spillages, particularly onto carpets or soft furnishings
  • Dropping breakables, like a vase
  • Damage to computer equipment, like laptops or phones.

Some common Accidental Damage Cover questions:

Q.Do I need Accidental Damage Cover?

A. Standard Accidental Damage cover is included in most home insurance policies. However, many homeowners, particularly those who are accident prone or who have children include extended accidental to give them extra protection if a mishap should occur.

Q.What’s classed as Accidental Damage?

A. Accidental Damage is an unforeseen or unintentional incident that causes damage to your property or belongings.

For example, accidently breaking a window would be covered under standard accidental damage cover, but if you were doing DIY and accidentally drilled through a pipe, you would require extended Accidental Damager cover.

Q.Does Accidental Damage cover my contents outside my home?

A. Not as standard, but if you include items like gadgets and jewellery in your Away from Home Cover then they will be covered while you’re out and about.

Q.What am I not covered for?

A. Our Accidental Damage cover does not cover building works, wear and tear or damage done deliberately.

If you have any questions about Accidental Damage Cover or what’s included in the policy, give our UK based Customer Service team a call on 0330 0600 601.

How to make a claim:

  • Try to minimise the damage wherever possible first. For example, if you’ve spilt something on the carpet, try using household carpet cleaners to mop up the worst of the damage.
  • Call your insurer as soon as possible to make them aware of your claim. The telephone number and opening hours will be on your Schedule, which you can access via your online account. If you can’t find your documents, you can call the Policy Expert Customer Services team on 0330 0600 601 and we’ll transfer your call.