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1 1/5 Complant
My sister in laws kitchen ceiling has fallen through (21 sept 2016). There is water coming through the ceiling (bathroom is above ). 8 phone calls later and you have done absolutely nothing to assist her. Could you please enlighten me as to what her buildings / contents / emergency cover is paying for? Thanks

1 1/5 Avoid like the plague
Part of my kitchen ceiling came down so i phoned the emergency callout i had paid for they wouldnt send anyone. The next day i rang policy expert and tried to put a claim in only to be told that i had to get my own tradesperson to come and see what the cause was. My plumber said it was a leak over time from my shower and the bath was not a good design. So rang them back only to be told im not insured. Why am i paying house insurance theyhave not even been to see it and they dont intend to. They have taken my money and scarpered. My insurance is up for renewal in dec and i will never ever use these people again. Judging by the reviews left on here i think we all have a case to take to watchdog!!!! Update: put a complaint in and the lady sent me my policies i was covered for the emergency cover and the buildings cover should have covered the claim. Still no response back from policy expert.

1 1/5 Its when you claim their true colours become clear
My garage was broken in to and I had a lot of power tools stolen , the garage was locked with a three point locking system up and over door. It appears the lock was forced with another key. When I tried to make a claim I was told because there was no "Forced and voilent" entry I couldn't claim on my insurance. Reading my policy document this isnt true can be either forced OR voilent , it was an attempt to stop my claim. I've made a compalint on their email facility but have no aknowledgement they have recieved my complaint. Warning if a theif uses a lock picking tool to get in your house they will refuse to pay up ...this could cost you thousands. Its when you actually need your policy you can truely make comment on thier services. I've been treated like a fraudster by the very people who should protect me from such instances.

2 2/5 avoid if you can
I have tried to contact Policy Expert regarding Home Emergency Insurance cover been on the phone for a while then decided to use their calling back system been waiting for hours still waiting,also failed to respond to my law firm regarding legal expenses cover for car accident.

1 1/5 Shocking avoid at all costs.
We returned home from holiday and on opening the front door there was a strong smell of damp. I discovered the landing carpet was soaked and on the other side of the wall was tour bathroom. When walking into the bathroom water started splashing up from the grout between the tiles I turned the water off at the stop cock until a plumber friend was able to take a look. It was the shower that was leaking so the water to the shower was isolated which stopped the leak. We contacted the policy expert who sent someone out a week later by this point the floor had dried out but there was still evidence of the shower leaking as there were water marks on the titles and down the shower wall. We were told we had no claim as the leak was due to the sealant in the shower needing replaced. The sealant was fine when we went on holiday and there was no leak from the shower when we went on holiday. They practically accused us of lying. The surveyor did nothing more than take photos but because we had no receipt from my friend who isolated the water to the shower for me FREE they say we have no claim. I've looked at this company's list of directors and trading history and it makes interesting reading. Avoid at all costs they will take your money and if you are unfortunate enough to have to make a claim they will find an excuse not to pay you. The customer services staff on the phone are rude.

1 1/5 Do not use this company for home insurance!!
Before I renewed in July 2016 I rang policy expert and told them we were having a single storey extension being built, they said that's fine and to let them know 30 days before the build starts which I did. When I sent the form from my builder giving them details of the extension they told me they were cancelling the policy in 14 days and they wont cover the extension! When I rang to make a complaint they said it was based on the cost of the extension and other factors. The extension is so small I don't need planning permission! So a word of warning, they even said they wouldn't cover some home improvements and even though they knew before I renewed about the extension, it wasn't their responsibility at the time of renewal to ask for details of the extension! I am going to the ABI with this one!! I would love to speak to you Vicky!! You have my contact details on file why not give me a ring?

5 5/5 Great Service
Nik was excellent providing a competitive renewal quote; very polite and professional. Reading some of the negative reviews below I can honestly say I've never had my arm twisted to renew unlike some insurance companies I could mention. Many thanks guys

1 1/5 Unable to opt out of automatic renewal
Terrible first experience of this company. I informed them by email that I DO NOT want my policy to automatically renew. I've read reviews here that Policy Expert take payment 1 week BEFORE renewal date. I didn't want to get caught in the same trap. I received an email reply stating that I cannot opt-out of automatic renewal unless I'm within 30 days of the policy lapsing. This is a complete con. It's my money, and I've informed them far enough in advance that I do not want automatic renewal. Why is this so hard for them to process? It'll only be a tick box exercise on their part. If your listening Policy Expert, what will you do to restore my faith in you before I contact the Financial Ombudsman Service? UPDATE: Can you confirm the auto-renewal has been opted out? I haven't received the email you promised following my review posted above. Thank you

5 5/5 bargain
much cheaper than rivals

4 4/5 Everything went very well and staff very friendly.
The whole telephone call was handled very professionally.

4 4/5 Straightforward and compares well to others
It was just like taking out insurance elsewhere, haven't made a claim so lets hope I don't have to and if I did their service is up to scratch. The separate credit agreement from another company is a bit weird and hope that doesn't lock you in to another year.

4 4/5 nice and smooth
it was good nice and smooth process and experience

3 3/5 Website needs improving
I couldn't retrieve a copy of my policy. Your website has issues! It would not retain my date of birth and kept reverting to 1 January 1900 as though it was a default. I phoned your number and spoke to a very helpful man who emailed the information. A longish wait on hold beforehand 8-10 minutes. What should have been a simple task took 30 minutes. I will rethink before insuring again with you.

5 5/5 Very quick, and good price
I recommend this company as they answer you asap, easy to talk too, n fantastic value

5 5/5 Competitive
Easy to renew, competitive pricing and a call centre that has staff who know what they are talking about and not so scripted!!!

4 4/5 Quick and pain free!
Easy to use, happy with service

1 1/5 Took payment after I cancelled!
On 16th July I received an email thanking me for renewing my policy and for my payment. My previous policy was not due to expire until 21st July. As per the terms and conditions I emailed the stated address on 16th July and cancelled the policy as I had found a cheaper one (I have thever email in my sent box). On the 18th July payment was taken from my account even though I had cancelled the policy 2 working days before! Unfortunately for me, I only noticed this when I did my online banking this weekend and so by the time I get to phone on Monday it will be 15 days so I probably won't get all my money back. Absolutely furious and will not be using or recommending Policy Expert in future! Such a shame as would have given 5 stars when I took the policy out a year ago! *Update* Got an apology as they had not read my email. Still going to be 3 to 5 days before I get the £165 back! Had to admire the lady for her sales pitch though trying to tell me that my new insurers are not rated as highly as they are. I certainly won't be rating Policy Expert highly. My advice for your emails and take care of your customers!

4 4/5 Home Insurance
No Hassle, Just straight forward.

5 5/5 Easy on line transaction.
This company did not have the lowest quote on offer. However once you took account of the extras provided like legal protection etc, this company was offering the best overall policy and the best market price. Don't just look at the lowest figure quoted or you may well find you are not getting the policy you require without adding extras which will then add to the cost.

5 5/5 Perfect.
Friendly, helpful, informative staff giving me the best policy at the best price.

4 4/5 Great service without hassle
Renewed my house insurance without any problems , I was phoned by policy expert regarding the renewal and as the price quoted was as near as dammit to last year , and still competitive , it was a no brainer to go ahead with the renewal . The employee who called me was courteous , informative , and was certainly on top of his job . No complaints at all . Everything was done very professionally

5 5/5 Good price good cover
So easy to do on line or over the phone

1 1/5 you got my name wrong.
you got my name wrong.

5 5/5 Good people to deal with
Found my quote via Go Compare and had to phone them up to clarify something. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff - and great price too.

5 5/5 Great service at the right price
Was able to get a great deal after checking on price comparison sites.

5 5/5 An easy experience
I did not respond to reminders as I was in hospital with a broken leg, however, on return I was contacted by telephone and renewed my insurance hassle free.

5 5/5 Great value
Just renewed home insurance for the same price as last year. Just great.

5 5/5 Easy fast transaction
The young lady that dealt with my insurance renewal was professional,precise,and a pleasure to discuss my requirements with.This is obviously a company that Invests on People

1 1/5 Wrong name email
You sent me an e mail to Mrs Agnes tally that's not my name?

1 1/5 Not happy
You automatically renewed my insurance while I was away, I did not want you to as I was going to look for a cheaper policy. I was over seas for a month when I returned to a renewal. You took the money 1 week before mine finished which is what has added to my problem of calling you and sorting out other cover. I haven't got the time to spend calling you to cancel and argue of cancelation fees hence why I haven't.

Home Insurance Claims Reviews

average customer rating for our claims
(from 25 reviews 1)
5 5/5 First Class!

I would like to thank you for your communication with me over this claim.
I think the attention you have paid to my claim has been first class.
Thank you again

5 5/5 A personal thank you…

Just a short note to say a personal thank you for your prompt attention to my claim.
I am impressed by the willing attention to all matters leading to a prompt conclusion. Funds received today!

5 5/5 The service was outstanding

The service was outstanding from reporting the issue to resolving it last night. Can’t thank you enough.

5 5/5 Wow!

Wow! I’m so impressed! I never imagined this would be so straight forward, thank you so much for brilliant service

4 4/5 Quick response

This has been a very traumatic time which has been made easier with your quick response and efficiency. I really can’t thank you enough

5 5/5 Swift help and concern

Thank you for your swift help and concern, I really appreciates it and have been with this insurance for a few years and I’m pleased with everything that’s been dealt with

4 4/5 We can not thank you enough

We can not thank you enough for all your assistance and help

5 5/5 Policy Expert will always look after us

We want to thank Roy and all others at Trinity Claims Team who may be involved for the excellent service which we have received throughout the process of our claim.

There has been common sense, politeness, good will and fairness all the way.
And it has been carried out with speed too. Many many thanks.

Our house is now back to normal and we feel confident that Policy Expert will always look after us.

5 5/5 First ever claim

I’d also like to take this chance to say how overwhelmed I am with the speed with which you have dealt with my claim and the extraordinary level of customer service offered to me. This is the first time I’ve had to claim on my insurance and I’d like to say a special thank you to yourself, Toby and Alexia for making this process so much easier than I thought it would be.

4 4/5 Friendly and efficient

Just wanted to say thank you for your friendly and efficient handling our call this morning following our fire.
It was a frightening experience for us but you certainly helped.
Once again, thank you

5 5/5 Polite, helpful and understanding

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the service I have received from you and your team.

On every occasion that I spoke to people they were all polite, helpful and understanding. This has made the difficult event I have had to experience a little easier to deal with

4 4/5 Such a smooth process

I’m really pleased with how easy and smooth the entire process has been. When I come across a company like yours and I do get good customer service, it’s a surprise and a pleasure

5 5/5 Good working practice

Once again I am staggered by your efficiency and good working practice. You may not appreciate just how reassuring it is to feel your insurance company is doing its best to help.
I have passed on your details for when it is time for them to re-new their policy.
Us alike will, because of the way this claim has been handled re-new our policy with you and perhaps look into changing some of our other policies.

5 5/5 Thank you

Thank you for all your help with our claim. You have helped to minimize the stress and sadness this incident has caused.

Many thanks for all your time and understanding on all of this, and thank you for understanding the situation and working so hard on our behalf

5 5/5 Our first insurance claim in 47 years of marriage

Thank you and your colleagues for assisting my claim . Yesterday Martindales installed replacement doors to our satisfaction we have been well supported by your company and in particular the staff throughout our claim. This is our first insurance claim in 47 years of marriage, we thank you all for your care and attention and hope to keep claim free in the future.

5 5/5 Thank you for making a traumatic experience that little bit better

We wanted to write to your customer service team as we have recently claimed following a burglary. We had only been in the house for around 6 weeks when two males broke into our home with a pickaxe. They broke our TV and stole a range of our possessions including a bank card, which they withdrew and spent over £1,100 from our account. The police have since found the offenders and a few sentimental items of my jewellery and so they have been charged. They will appear in court today with their plea.

Our claim handler has been Roy Lane and we wanted to say thank you to him for making a traumatic experience that little bit better. He has been in touch with my husband constantly, so we always knew where we were and he didn’t mind us asking questions. It really has helped having a smooth process so we can start to rebuild and replace what they took from us. Having the door fixed straight away really helped feel that little bit more secure in the house and the TV was replaced really quickly. We often write to complain but I wanted to write to say thank you.

5 5/5 Paid in full

During some bad weather, I suffered storm damage to part of my roof over night. I made repairs to temporarily fix the problem, and called to make a claim the next day. The assessor came out within a couple of days and assessed the damage both inside and out. He was happy with the repairs I’d made and agreed the claim on the spot.

I received an email a few days later confirming that the claim would be paid in full.  I had the money in my bank account within 3-4 weeks. The whole process was uncomplicated, with no long forms to fill in, and everyone I spoke to was more than helpful.

I have since recommended you to other people I’ve spoken to and would be glad to continue to do so.

5 5/5 Sorted, all in time for Christmas

I’ve heard horror stories about insurance companies in the past, and fortunately in the 41 years I’ve held Home Insurance I’d never had to make a claim. When I accidently trod motor oil across our downstairs carpet I ummed and arred about whether to claim or not. Our carpet was a good quality carpet, and I didn’t want to be fobbed off with a second rate replacement.

Eventually I decided to call our insurer and they arranged for someone to come out to assess the damage. He brought the carpet samples with him, and I was really surprised by the quality.

The carpet supplier offered to supply the carpet  before Christmas, but unfortunately when I spoke to the fitter they weren’t able to fit the carpet that quickly. I phoned the insurer back and told them, and they agreed that if I could find my own supplier and fitter that could sort it in time they would pay a cash settlement instead.

A week later I received a cheque and the carpet was fitted just in time for Christmas.

I couldn’t be happier with the service I received throughout my claim, and everything was settled quickly and easily.


5 5/5 Quite happy with the service

There were 2 separate issues at our house during some high winds. First, the slate sections of the roof came off, and there was also damage to one of our outbuildings caused by some large conifers with lose roots. The conifers were damaging the roof and walls and the branches were pushing the wall in.

I phoned Policy Expert to report the damage and then got 2 estimates for the repairs. The surveyor came around, looked at both the problems, and agreed to the estimate we’d received.

It took around 2 weeks, and the claim was agreed and sorted. We’ve now removed the conifers and repaired the damage to both the roof and the outbuilding.

I was quite happy with the service I received and everyone I spoke to who dealt with my claim was really helpful.

5 5/5 You all were brilliant

The insurance claim settlement has gone into my account today, and I just wanted to say thank you and all your colleagues who were involved for all the help and understanding over the claim, you all were brilliant, thank you once again,

Yours sincerely

Tony Barnsdall

5 5/5 I am thoroughly impressed

I am thoroughly impressed with the quick turnaround of my claim. We have never had cause to claim off our insurance since 1990 when we bought our first home and the service we have received from your company has been absolutely wonderful.

I will certainly be recommending your company to family and friends.

Thank you once again for a quick and very professional service.

Maria Barrett

5 5/5 The whole claim was sorted quickly

When I had to make a claim for damage to my roof during strong winds, I called up and received an email back straight away to discuss my claim.
The surveyor was originally booked to visit my property for around a week later, but I called and explained that I had 2 children staying with us. The surveyor’s visit was rearranged and came out 2 days later.

The surveyor verbally approved the claim while he was there, and approved the claim was approved, after the company received his report, in writing by email 2 days later.
Within a few days the money was in my bank account.
The whole claim was sorted quickly and I was very pleased with the outcome. Everything was completed over the phone and by email and I found the process simple.

5 5/5 The claim has been settled quickly and very efficiently

With reference to my claim of wind damage to my roof on 12/02/14, I would like to thank you for your prompt action and support that you have given me. The claim has been settled quickly and very efficiently.
Jeffrey Thomas.

5 5/5 Everything was done with the utmost courtesy

This claim is now settled and I felt that I must write to you to thank you for the way in which you and your company have handled it. Everything was done with the utmost courtesy, no haggling and no delays with replacement supplied as new for old which I wasn’t really expecting for some of the older items.

Thank you again for making a difficult experience easier to cope with. I shall certainly recommend your company to my friends.

Best wishes,

Marmie Vergo

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