Contents Insurance

Fixed price cover until 2016*

We'll fix the price of your home insurance for 2 years, so instead of your premium going up next year it will stay at the same low price. Compare quotes now from our panel of hand-picked insurers.

Contents Insurance covers your belongings if they are stolen, lost or damaged due to a variety of factors such as flood, fire or a break-in. We don’t assume to know exactly what you own so have designed a range of flexible options to give you control. If you’ve got any suggestions on how make these better, please tell us – we’re listening.

What's covered in our Contents Insurance policies?

What's covered in our Contents Insurance:

Check our Policy Documents for full details as they differ by insurer.

  • Cover for everything you keep in your home – choose your amount up to £100,000.
  • Valuables and high risk items cover provided as standard (total limits apply ranging from £10,000 to £30,000). No need to specify items worth less than £2,000 and you can cover individual items worth up to £15,000.
  • Basic Accidental Damage Cover to protect from mishaps to mirrors, ceramic hobs and glass (such as kitchen cupboard or oven doors and glass topped tables). Some policies will cover damage to TVs, desktop PCs and games consoles as standard too.
  • Alternative Accommodation if your home becomes uninhabitable (even if you don’t have Buildings Cover with us).

Optional Extras

  • Extend your Accidental Damage Cover for total protection for all your belongings for e.g. dropping a vase or spillages on sofas.
  • Add Bicycle Cover for up to 4 bikes.
  • Add Away from the Home Cover for certain personal possessions, including valuables.
  • Consider Legal Expenses Insurance and Home Emergency Cover as Optional Extras.

Some common Contents Insurance questions from our policyholders:

Q.What’s a valuable or high risk item?

A. The definition of a valuable can vary slightly so it’s best to check your Policy Documents. In general it includes all jewellery, watches, collections of stamps, coins and medals, all items containing gold and other precious metals, cameras, furs, paintings and other works of art.

Q.How much cover do I need?

A. You need to make sure you have enough cover for all items kept in your home. We suggest you make a list of all the most expensive things you own and then add on an amount to cover smaller items such as furniture, kitchen contents, linens, clothes, toys, & DVDs etc. Or you can take a room at a time and tot up everything in it.

Q.Why should I consider buying Contents & Buildings Cover together?

A. Most insurers offer a discount if you purchase Buildings & Contents cover as part of a combined policy, so it’s usually considerably cheaper to buy them together from one provider. This also means you can avoid a claim situation where you potentially have to pay two lots of excess (the 'excess' is first part of a claim paid by the insured).

And as well as being cheaper than buying the two types of cover separately, it makes things easier at renewal time as you only have to consider one quote per provider when shopping around and comparing deals, and you'll only be dealing with one insurer if you do have to make a claim.

Home Insurance Reviews

4.4 Av. rating 4.4/5 (1,169 customer reviews)

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I phoned my mortgage provider today - received a letter from them asking for details of my new insurance policy - guess what - they had none. I had given Policy Expert their fax number upon paying for my insurance - over the phone so I spoke to a human being and he assured me he would forward the schedule immediately. Guess it was time for a coffee break.......hope he enjoyed it as it has cost me in telephone calls...... So, having called my mortgage people twice - I had to collect my son in between calls and with all the press this and tell us your account number etc, it was nine minutes before I actually spoke to a human being. Moral of the story - do not rely on them to forward your details. I will have to call mortgage lender again tomorrow - check whether or not they received the details I forwarded to them by email and I will also post them on Monday to avoid a fine and of course all these extra costs have made for quite an expensive insurance policy!!!! Lesson of the day - first and last policy with Policy Experts - excuse me while I laugh at the ' Expert ' part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 4/5 Good price home insurance
Searched the web using money supermarket for home insurance and this Policy Expert insurers came out the best quote and with good cover.
3 3/5 Great price but offer only available online!
Having looked at similar prices I found this to be the best price and gave me the cover I wanted. I was contacted by a member of the team to ask if I wanted to continue with my purchase but as I was halfway through I declined. I then got locked out of the website and had to call for assistance. When I got through I was asked if I wanted to complete over the phone however they couldn't match my online deal??? Granted it was not much more but every penny counts. The person I spoke to didn't appear to agree with me and pushed for an over the phone sale which I declined. I nearly didn't take out the insurance because of this but cost and cover were my main drivers. I can't understand why the price was different, as I said good cover and great price but a bit pushy on the phone for me.
5 5/5 Easy as 1,2,3.
Needed to find a better rate for home and contents insurance, so went on Compare the,A few others were cheaper until you added on Legal cover and Home emergency. Policy Expert include both for free and the cover is as comprehensive as others .I am saving £137.00 on the quote to renew with the company I used last year, so I'm very happy. Why easy as 1 2 3,........1)select Policy Expert from' Go Compare' 2) Fill out information ,and select payment method, 3)Download policies,Job done!
5 5/5 Very good quality insurance and a brll price!
I got this very good quality insurance at an excellent price with some freebies thrown in like Legal help and home emergency cover. You should try it, you can't fall off !!!
5 5/5 Clear and precise responses to Questions
I used to look for house insurance. it was quick and offered me the option to have the top results call me. Policy Expert did call, and were the only ones, and were really great. There was no pressure to buy the policy, when I asked questions the consultant knew the answers or checked them and responded clearly and precisely. When I wanted to think before buying he was only too helpful, and I could speak to the same person again when I bought the policy. I got the policy I wanted and lovely customer service.
5 5/5 Great service and very friendly :)
A very friendly and helpful conversation, checking what I needed and making sure I didn't purchase anything I didn't need. Made sure I understood what I was purchasing and was satisfied throughout the discussion.
5 5/5 Brilliant! - Helpful, Professional, Informative and Friendly!!
I have recently purchased Home Insurance and it was a successful, quick and hassle-free experience and the price was so cheap compared to elsewhere. Fantastic and would use again next year. Thanks Policy Expert.
5 5/5 Bit like ronseal,does excactly what it says on the tin, brilliant service!
Trawling through the internet looking for the best value and cover for my money, policy expert did all that and then some, got a quote from my previous insurer of £394, enquired and checked out this company, sorry to say I had not heard of them, looked at the reviews and took the plunge. My quote for the same cover on everything was £160, no brainier, thank you.
5 5/5 Definitely worth a look..
Quick and easy to arrange on line and very competitive. I liked the immediate phone call to double check everything was correct.
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