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Buildings Insurance covers your property if it is damaged or destroyed due to factors such as flood, subsidence, fire or a break-in. Your mortgage company often make it a requirement of the mortgage to have adequate Buildings Insurance.

What’s standard cover in our Buildings Insurance policies?

Check our Policy Documents for full details as they differ by insurer.

What is covered in our Buildings Insurance:

  • Properties of all shapes, sizes and construction types covered up to a rebuild value of £1 million.
  • Garages, sheds and outbuildings covered as standard.
  • Basic Accidental Damage Cover for damage to cables, fixed bathroom suites and fixed glass.
  • Alternative Accommodation for your family & pets if your home can’t be lived in.
  • Trace & Access – our insurers don’t just fix the damage, they get to the root of the problem and wherever possible, fix that too.
  • Property owner’s liability insurance.

Optional Extras

  • Extend your Accidental Damage Cover for full protection, whether it’s a foot through the bedroom ceiling or a nail driven into a pipe, you’re covered.
  • Add Legal Expenses Insurance to provide up to £50,000 of legal expenses towards protecting your home rights. Find out more.
  • Add Home Emergency Cover to give peace of mind when disaster strikes. Find out more.

Some common Buildings Insurance questions from our policyholders:

Q.How much cover do I need?

A. You need to have enough cover to match the cost of rebuilding your property from scratch. This isn’t the same as the market value, which is the amount you would need to buy it, not build it. We don’t expect you to have expert knowledge of building costs, so we use the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to suggest a rebuild amount for you. You can change this figure.

Q.I use my home for business, can you cover me?

A. Possibly. Most of the policies we sell are designed for use by families; however we do have one or two which cover some types of business use, such as lodgers, fostering and smaller values of stock and equipment kept on the premises. Working for your employer from your home is not usually classed as business use, unless you hold meetings there or receive business visitors. Check our Policy Documents for full details or ask one of our Policy Experts on 0330 0600 601.

Q.How do I know if my home is subsiding?

A. An early sign of subsidence is doors and windows becoming sticky and difficult to open and shut. This combined with new cracks appearing or existing cracks growing in size and depth can be an indication of subsidence. Sticky doors & windows on their own could be a result of wet weather. If your home is a new build, some cracks may appear as the building settles – this isn’t subsidence, but you should check with the building company. If you’re worried about subsidence, phone your insurer’s claims department as soon as possible.

Q.What am I not covered for?

A. Most commonly, insurers reject claims due to what’s called “wear and tear” or due to the property not being maintained to a good standard. This includes the exterior such as the roof, brickwork and drains; and the interior including the electrics and bath/shower sealant. It’s important you regularly check your property to ensure it’s in a good state and so isn’t vulnerable to damage. Full details of what isn’t covered can be found in the Policy Documents.

Home Insurance Service Reviews

average customer rating for our service
(from 1,312 reviews)
3 3/5 home insurance
Received legal & emergency documents .Still to receive building & contents documents. Are they in the post ?
5 5/5 very pleased with the advice and prices quoted by your advisor who was very polite and helpful
excellent customer service and good value for money
5 5/5 The service
Happy with service and telephone interaction
4 4/5 Waiting and waiting and waiting and even more waiting
I had no problem sorting out my house insurance and found the staff very user friendly.My main problem was the time I had to wait for someone to talk to.My first call lasted almost 12 minutes before I put the phone down.My second call got to 5 minutes before I finally got to speak to a human being and if I had to wait much longer you would have lost my custom FOREVER. However,like I said, other than this I got my policy and had a very nice man eventually!! It makes you wonder though, how much custom you lose how many people hang up and never come back
5 5/5 First Class Service
Ive been using Policy Expert for a number of years now and have always found the staff knowledgeable, courteous, and very helpful and would recommend them without hesitation.
3 3/5 Lack of regard for the rules
I found Policy Expert through a comparison search on Money Supermarket, my comparison engine of choice (but after this maybe not). I made sure I did not check the box that said my details would be passed to the top few companies to contact me directly but before I had even clicked through to complete the on-line application Policy Expert rang me. The person I spoke to was very understanding, apologetic and helpful to the extent that I still purchased the insurance. The policy itself seems very good value but until I need to claim I can't say if this is a good company or not. I guess I should not be too surprised should I need to make a claim and they turn out to be poor but then again in my experience the insurance industry as a whole is almost a disreputable as our banking industry so even much more expensive policies can disappoint.
4 4/5 Very helpful service
Found the sales chap extremely helpful and understanding. He quickly grasped my situation, on behalf of my mother, and made things a lot easier. Bit of a cheekie chappie but was a delight and knew his stuff.
5 5/5 insurance quote
Excellent customer service!
5 5/5 Easy excellent service
Easy to fill in on line. Policy came through very quickly. Very simple and easy to understand.
5 5/5 home and contents insurance
very straight forward to apply for excellent service over the telephone

Home Insurance Claims Reviews

average customer rating for our claims
(from 25 reviews)
5 5/5 First Class!

I would like to thank you for your communication with me over this claim.
I think the attention you have paid to my claim has been first class.
Thank you again

5 5/5 A personal thank you…

Just a short note to say a personal thank you for your prompt attention to my claim.
I am impressed by the willing attention to all matters leading to a prompt conclusion. Funds received today!

5 5/5 The service was outstanding

The service was outstanding from reporting the issue to resolving it last night. Can’t thank you enough.

5 5/5 Wow!

Wow! I’m so impressed! I never imagined this would be so straight forward, thank you so much for brilliant service

4 4/5 Quick response

This has been a very traumatic time which has been made easier with your quick response and efficiency. I really can’t thank you enough

5 5/5 Swift help and concern

Thank you for your swift help and concern, I really appreciates it and have been with this insurance for a few years and I’m pleased with everything that’s been dealt with

4 4/5 We can not thank you enough

We can not thank you enough for all your assistance and help

5 5/5 Policy Expert will always look after us

We want to thank Roy and all others at Trinity Claims Team who may be involved for the excellent service which we have received throughout the process of our claim.

There has been common sense, politeness, good will and fairness all the way.
And it has been carried out with speed too. Many many thanks.

Our house is now back to normal and we feel confident that Policy Expert will always look after us.

5 5/5 First ever claim

I’d also like to take this chance to say how overwhelmed I am with the speed with which you have dealt with my claim and the extraordinary level of customer service offered to me. This is the first time I’ve had to claim on my insurance and I’d like to say a special thank you to yourself, Toby and Alexia for making this process so much easier than I thought it would be.

4 4/5 Friendly and efficient

Just wanted to say thank you for your friendly and efficient handling our call this morning following our fire.
It was a frightening experience for us but you certainly helped.
Once again, thank you

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