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Need to make a claim? You'll find all the phone numbers you need on this page. Simply give us a call, and we'll let you know what happens next

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The quickest way to get a claim resolved is to ring your insurer using the phone number listed in your policy schedule. You can check this by logging in here. If you can’t log in, call the relevant customer services number below.


24/7 Home emergency

0330 0600 681

Get help with boiler or heating issues, if you’ve got separate home emergency cover.

Buildings and contents claims

0330 0600 670

Make a claim on your home insurance, including escape of water or flooding.


Car claims

0330 0600 671

Declare an accident, theft or other damage.

24/7 breakdown

0800 022 4411

Request recovery, and assistance with onwards travel with our breakdown cover.

Legal cover

Legal cover claims

0330 0600 682

Get help with a legal issue, including advice on next steps.

Key cover

Key cover claims

0330 0600 623

For all claims related to lost or damaged keys, as long as you’ve got one (or more!) keycare fobs.

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