Pets cause costly damage, but help choose where owners live!

Pets are causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage to UK homes every year, but their owners still prioritise a pet’s needs when it comes to choosing where to live, latest research shows.

Dogs make people feel safer, but they can slash a home’s value!

Keeping a dog certainly helps householders feel they’re safer and less likely to be broken into, but it can cause major problems when it comes to selling a home.

Those are the findings of a recent survey by insurance broker Policy Expert which asked its customer base a number of questions about dog ownership and keeping pets in the home.

Owners spend fortune on spoiled pets, but most don’t insure them

Pet-loving Britons are spending a fortune on their furry friends, but most aren’t insured against the sort of costs pets can incur, new research shows.

Does my home insurance cover pet damage?

Recent industry figures showed that last year pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits were responsible for an average of nearly £700 worth of damage. Its important to check your Home Insurance cover as many policies won’t cover pet damage as standard.

Is a cat or dog flap affecting your home security and insurance risk?

If Home Security is lacking and there are no signs of forced entry, it may be in the terms of some home insurance policies that the insurer won’t pay out, no matter what the circumstances.

Seasonal safety for your pet

Christmas is a time for food, drink and generally being merry. With all the festivities, your home may become more of a Christmas danger zone for your pets, so it’s best to keep a close eye on them. When planning for your celebrations this year, bear the following few pointers in mind: Your home will probably be filled…

Bonfire night = firework fright for pets

I have to admit it, bonfire night is one of my favourite times of the year. I’m a sucker for pie, peas and all the whizz-banging celebrations. Of course I’m not alone; people of all ages will come out in their droves over this weekend to attend bonfire night festivities across the country. Although it’s…