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Road tripping in Europe? Here’s what you need to know

Zooming around some of the fantastically built and often empty roads they have in countries like France, Italy and Spain can be great fun. But if you don’t familiarise yourself with the different rules and regulations involved with driving abroad, such as the documentation you need, drink-driving limits and insurance issues, your holiday could be…

5 things to remember when hiring a camper van

Camper vans and other RVs (recreational vehicles) are cool again. Sales are rocketing as retired baby-boomers and younger urbanites fall in love with the freedom they provide and the chance to escape today’s 24/7 culture. It’s easy to see why; from wild camping to a quick weekend in Cornwall with the surfboard on the roof,…

Save on your car costs

For the majority of people, car costs are an unavoidable part of everyday life. From motor insurance to road tax and MOT costs, not to mention garage fees, keeping four wheels on the road is a considerable financial burden. Just to add to the misery, the Government has, from the 1st of April 2017, changed…

Dashboard distractions risk motorist’s insurance cover

Plenty of accidents occur due to drivers checking their mobile phones while at the wheel, but many others are now caused by the increasing amount of ‘dashboard distractions’ newer cars have.

Don’t risk driving abroad this summer without the right cover

Thousands of Brits take their cars on the big annual summer getaway to continental Europe each year. But a good many go without having the right car insurance.

How driverless technology will slash car insurance costs

The thought of driverless cars might scare you silly, but what if you were told owning one could save you thousands of pounds in car insurance? Might that change your mind?

How understanding car insurance myths could save you thousands

Car cover is the most widely held form of insurance there is, and often the most misunderstood too. Every year many motorists discover they might not be covered…

Driving convictions and your car insurance

Motorists caught doing something wrong not only face the possibility of points on their licences, they may also have to pay much greater premiums for car cover.

Cheapest cars to run and insure

At the end of 2013 a survey by the motor vehicle purchasing company found that the UK was the most expensive country in the world to run a car.

European breakdown cover: What to look out for

According to the AA, one-in-three of the Britons who take their cars abroad each year do so without taking out the right breakdown cover. They may already have such cover for their UK motoring, and honestly believe that it’s also sufficient for when they’re driving on foreign roads, but many know it’s not and simply take the risk.

What is ‘gap insurance’ and do you need it?

Ever thought what would happen if the car you drive was written off? Would you get back what you paid for it on insurance? That’s where gap insurance comes in.

Tips for choosing the right breakdown cover

Running a car is an expensive business. There’s road tax, repairs and value depreciation to take into consideration, as well as choosing the right breakdown cover.

Vehicle tax changes: what you need to know

So it’s goodbye to the now seemingly old-fashioned, perforated piece of paper that was the car tax disc, which drivers no longer have to display.

The dangers of driving without an MOT

It’s very easy to ignore the time for the annual car MOT and put it off for another day, but those that do risk invalidating their car insurance.

Save money on running costs: 10 best tax-free cars

The price of fuel may have dropped by around 8 pence a litre over the last year, considerably reducing the petrol bill for many motorists, but with wages stagnating across the UK saving money on other running costs is as vital as ever.

Best cars for 2015

The new year is always an exciting time for those hoping to buy a brand new set of wheels as well as car buffs simply interested in seeing what cars are going to be released in the coming year.

Driving tips for winter weather

Here are a number of tips to help keep you safe when Britain’s weather does its worst, broken down by weather-type, followed by how a crash might affect your insurance cover.

Don’t fall for ‘flash for cash’ Car Insurance Crime

Latest figures from the insurer Aviva show that the number of people who deliberately cause accidents when driving so they can make fake Car Insurance claims rose by 51% in the last year.

Best ways to get Replacement Car Keys

Imagine you’re on a weekend break and you get your car keys out so you can lock your car, only to fumble and watch them drop down a drain. And you don’t have a spare set with you. Will your car insurance policy provide you with enough cover to get out of this sticky situation?

6 easy ways you’re invalidating your Car Insurance

Once you’ve bought your Car Insurance it’s easy to tuck the policy document away in a drawer and forget about it for another year. But it could also mean forgetting that the policy will have exclusions and clauses which mean you could find yourself driving without valid insurance at some point. 

Is Key Cover for Cars worth it?

Around one in four drivers has experienced losing their Car Keys, it’s a very common and costly mistake to make, but there are different levels of car key cover available.

What should you expect from a good Car Insurance policy?

When choosing a car insurance policy it can be quite confusing to know what’s important and what isn’t; what are the ‘must haves’ and what is important but not necessarily vital?

Majority of motorists in favour of cyclists on the roads

A survey completed by Policy Expert has shown that the majority of Britain’s motorists are quite supportive cyclists on the roads. Indeed, a good number blame other drivers for the frustrations of using the UK’s roads, rather than cyclists and other ‘obstacles’ such as speed cameras and public transportation.

Boozy cyclists enrage motorists by not paying Liability Insurance

New research by Policy Expert shows cyclists will happily drink more than the legal limit for motorists before riding their bikes, and that motorists want cyclists to be made to pay liability insurance in the same way they have to.

Motorists vs cyclists – The Results!

Policy Expert, Home Insurance broker recently surveyed our customers, posing questions to motorist and cyclists, to get their view on the roads. We asked questions about how they feel about other road users and the way they behave on the roads? Whether cyclists are saving the planet, or a risking their lives?

Driving without insurance: What are the penalties?

Driving without Car Insurance is illegal and, some would say, immoral. But the threats of driving bans, fines and penalty points don’t seem to be enough to deter the thousands caught every year from doing so.

Why do car insurance premiums rise?

The price of Motor Insurance is especially galling for younger drivers; those between 17 and 22 still have to pay an average of nearly £1,200 a year for their cover. Here are the main reasons you might find your car cover premiums seem to keep rising.

Most commonly rejected car claims

Cars are expensive things to keep on the road, and the car insurance drivers are required to have by law is one of the biggest annual costs, sometimes running into thousands of pounds. 

15 ways to reduce your car insurance premiums

The car insurance element is one of the most expensive aspects of being a driver, and ways to keep down premiums is a commonly discussed subject.

How Car Insurance Groups can affect Cover Costs

Car insurance costs can be astronomical, mainly depending on the type of car, your age and driving record. The ‘type’ of car carries a great degree of weight in deciding how much you pay. Types of car fall into different groups for insurance purposes. The groups are decided by industry experts and although insurers can use their own assessment methods, they nearly all follow the insurance industry’s Group Rating Panel’s decision.

Policy Expert has launched Car Insurance!

We’re VERY proud to tell all our customers (and customers-to-be!) that we now offer car insurance! Hooray!   Policy Expert launched 2 ½ years ago offering home insurance and now we protect thousands of our customers’ homes and contents. Now we want to do the same for their cars.   We’ve handpicked our panel of…

Clued up on your car insurance? Make sure you know this change in the law

There are some new rules surrounding car insurance which you should be aware of as a vehicle owner. So, to avoid a warning letter dropping through your letter box, read on… More restrictive laws have come into effect this week to help crack down on motorists who fail to buy insurance. Until now, it has…

Why women over sixty shouldn’t pay more for car insurance

The numbers show that until the age of 60 women are safer drivers but after that age the number of car insurance claims by women is higher than the number being made by men.

Changes to women-only car insurance premiums

Currently, women can find cheap car insurance deals because statistics show them to be a typically lower risk to insurers. In general, women have fewer serious collisions and any claims they do make are lower than those of their male counterparts.

How to avoid skidding into trouble

Unfortunately, not matter how careful your planning – sometimes extreme weather can hit you unexpectedly. It’s a good idea to pack a few essentials in case you get stuck in your car.

Hits on the road: our top 15 driving tunes!

Sometimes it feels like it’s all doom and gloom for car owners. With hikes in car insurance and rising running costs, it’s easy to forget the joys of life on the road. To lighten the mood and send a little cheer to those of you with your own wheels – here’s Policy Expert’s top 15…

Is this the end of cheap car insurance for women?

An EU directive was announced that legally prevented companies providing goods and services discriminating against people of any gender. Is this the end of cheap car insurance for women?

Can more be done to improve save lives on our roads?

Last week, the Department of Transport released their 2009 report on road casualties and road safety in Great Britain. There were 222,146 reported casualties of all severities last year. This is obviously a high statistic, but is in fact 4% lower than in 2008. Of this total, 2,222 were fatalities, which is 12% lower than in 2008. 24,690 were…

Do you know your road rules?

Familiarising yourself with the rules of the road could help you avoid making a car insurance claim. Claims and convictions on your licence could make it harder to find cheap car insurance

Say NO to Road Rage with tips for a stress-free drive

Around 800 lives are lost on Britain’s roads in a year due to road rage or disrespectful driving. Angry drivers are not only costing lives, they’re costing about £945 million in insurance premiums

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