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There’s a lot to think about when leaving your home unoccupied for any length of time: Is it secure? Where will your pets stay? Who’ll look after the garden?

In addition, if you’re away from your home for more than 30 days – most home insurance policies become invalid after this period of unoccupancy.

A house sitter could solve a number of these problems in one fell swoop. Not only will they help ease the worry about leaving your home empty and open to potential thieves – they can also tend to your pets and water your plants too!

You may be lucky enough to have a trusted neighbour, friend or relative who’ll gladly offer their services while you’re out of town. They may do this for free or may require a little financial incentive.

If you don’t have any takers, however, you may feel that the house sitting option isn’t a possibility for you.

This is where comes in.

You could say that they were the pioneers of house sitting, with their service starting way back in 1980.

They have around 1,000 carefully vetted and personally interviewed employees waiting to come and house sit for you. Since their creation, they’ve looked after over 64,000 bookings.

They also provide 24 hour telephone support for clients and home sitters. This means that in the event of a home sitter unexpectedly having to leave a homesit, they can provide an appropriately qualified replacement.

To give you an idea of their charges – it’s £2.20 per hour over a 24 hour period with an additional charge of £1.20 per cat/dog per day – which can obviously add up over a longer stay. That’s for everything except the mileage needed to get your home sitter to you.

What’s more, there are many insurers on their webiste who endorse their service. As the insurance industry recognises the increased security a home sitter can bring, the brands listed are willing to consider the Homesitters’ service within their underwriting criteria.

As another option, you could also try searching for a home sitter using the matchmaking website It’s a worldwide pairing system that helps put home owners and home sitters in touch. You’ll be able to check references, read previous assignment reviews and watch videos to help you find your perfect house sitter.

As you’ll have to vet the potential sitters yourself, it may be a slightly more laborious process, but the site does aim to make it easy. Some housesitters on there may be willing to house sit for free in return for a great place to have a break away from the norm.

Remember to always inform your insurance provider of your plans before leaving the property, otherwise you might invalidate you’re policy.

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