6 Things Every House Will Have In The Future

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Future houseWhat will the houses of the future look like? In 50, 100, 1000 years time? Leaving out the really far-fetched, like anti-gravity houses, let’s look at some additions we might be seeing soon.

1. Digital Wallpaper

Digital wallpaper
Redecorating becomes a touch of a button in the house of the future. Download your favourite colours or patterns for a change of scenery, or simply use the walls of your house as a giant cinema – 3D of course!

2. Self-Cleaning Kitchens and Bathrooms

Self Cleaning Kitchen
We want things to be easier and quicker – what better way than to have a clever house that takes care of itself? Self-cleaning glass already exists (it uses UV light to breakdown the dirt and rain washes it all away) so the next step will be a smart room that recognises the level of dirt/dust and shuts the door for a total spray down while you’re out at work. Assuming, that is, that you still go to work, as you really should get your…

3. Smart Office

smart office
The smart office is the hub of the home, from where you ‘go’ to work meetings via virtual reality glasses and which charges all your technology as soon as you walk in – imagine! Gone will be the days of calling everyone who’s ever been to your house to see if they can remember where your phone charger is! Security is paramount, so all access to confidential office information will need fingerprint/retina scan or voice recognition.

4. Ultra-Ecological Houses

Ecological House
Wafer thin solar-panelled roofing will become mandatory as energy resources run out – creating energy for regulating the house temperature and heating the rainwater that’s collected through the clever system of channels between the panelling. The very walls of the house will help to conserve energy, with biomorphic skins that change colour depending on the weather. Dark for keeping the house cool in bright sun, and clear on dull days to allow more light in.

5. Home Robots

Home Robots
Yes, we know that i-Robot probably made us think twice about having a robot maid/butler with us at all times, but it probably will happen. The robots will basically be the housekeepers of the future – taking our kids to school, ordering in and cooking our food and doing the laundry. Bliss!

6. Home Surgery

Home Surgery
Auto-scanning as you walk through your front door will check for any warning signs (not great if you’re trying to pull a sicky at work). Laser technology will provide us and our home robots with a means to medicate and have routine operations at home. Diagnostic microchips will indicate when your robot needs to get out the laser surgery equipment, so don’t worry about them being too keen to try out their medical skills.

Of course with all this brand new technology, you’re going to need a different type of home insurance. Accidental damage will need to include that inevitable moment when someone bumps into the clear walls in your house. The retina/fingerprint scan or voice recognition technology could be an absolute nightmare if you suddenly got a really nasty bout of conjunctivitis or lost your voice or managed to burn your finger! So loss of income while your home robot sorts that out for you will be on your insurance policy too. And, just in case i-Robot was more of a documentary than a science fiction film, you might want to insure against unruly robots!

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