Flood Re

From Policy Expert

Policy Expert is committed to providing best possible quality Home Insurance for less, and now thanks to Flood Re, we are now able to offer the same affordable cover to homes most at risk of flooding in the UK too.

What is Flood Re?

The Flood Re scheme, introduced by the Government in April 2016, aims to make sure Home Insurance is available and affordable for homes in the UK that are at the highest risk of flooding.

The Flood Re scheme allows your insurer to pass the flood risk element of a Home Insurance policy on to Flood Re. This makes insuring high flood risk properties simpler, cheaper and offers more choice in the market.

Why is Flood Re needed?

Over the past few years there have been some significant flood incidents across the UK, which have resulted in some catastrophic damage to homes. It is estimated that there are around 350,000 homes in the UK in high flood risk areas that struggle to find affordable cover for their homes.

The Flood Re scheme allows insurers, like Policy Expert, to offer great value home insurance cover to those in high flood risk areas too.

Who is eligible for Flood Re?

If your home is in a high flood risk area, was built before 2009 and is not used for commercial purposes, then contact us today for a quote on 0330 0600 601.

For more information on the Flood Re scheme, or to find out if your property is eligible, please visit the Flood Re website or alternatively you can click here to download Flood Re fact sheet.