Cycle Cover

Standard and Extended Cover

Bicycles, like cars, can be incredibly varied in both price and specification so it’s important that yours has the right cover. Standard Bike Cover will cover you for Bicycles stolen from inside your home, but often won’t include cover while you’re out on the road or away from your property.

For more information or to add Bicycle Cover to your Home Insurance policy, just call one of our Policy Experts on 0330 0600 601.

What does Bicycle Cover include?

For full details or to make a claim, check your Policy Documents or login to your account.

What is covered by Standard Bicycle Cover*:

  • Cover for bicycles stolen from inside home or outbuildings within the property boundaries
  • Accessories covered – please check your Policy Documents or ask one of our Policy Experts

What is covered by our Extended Bicycle Cover*:

  • Bicycle covered if its stolen while away from home
  • Specified item cover, with a higher limit
  • Cover if damaged whilst locked up outside
  • Cover throughout the UK, and worldwide (dependant on insurer)

Some common Bicycle Cover questions:

Q.How does Bicycle Cover work?

A. When you purchase Extended Bicycle Cover, you will be asked some details about your Bike, including the make and model and its value.

If your bicycle is damaged or stolen from outside your house, you will be covered under the Extended Bicycle Cover policy.

Q.How much does the bike have to be worth to cover?

A. You will need to check the limits of your policy, but if your bike is worth more than your excess or the limits of the bicycle cover you should specify it on your Home Insurance policy. Often children’s bikes aren’t worth adding, but bicycles can cost hundreds of pounds to replace so you should consider adding them to your policy.

Q.Does it matter where my bicycle is kept?

A. Yes. If you leave your bike in a public place, you need to take reasonable precaution to lock it securely and keep it safe. When storing your bike at home, you should either keep it in the house or in a secure lockable outbuilding, like a garage or shed.

Q.Are there any exclusions to Bicycle Cover?

A. Our Bicycle Cover is a comprehensive cover but there are some exclusions; your bike should have a stamp code, it’s unlikely that your policy will cover you if someone else borrows your bike, and you should make your insurer aware of any modifications.

If you have any questions about Bicycle Cover or what’s included in the policy, give our UK based Customer Service team a call on 0330 0600 601.