School Holidays sees accidental damage in the home spike


  • Internal data from Policy Expert finds that accidental damage claims spike during school holiday periods
  • Kids cause an average of £3,150 worth of damage in the home during childhood
  • One in five (18%) people don’t have or don’t know if they have accidental damage cover included in their home insurance


Parents are being prompted to check their home insurance as the summer holidays begin, as research from the insurers also shows accidental damage claims peak during school holidays, indicating that bored children are a recipe for disaster in the home.  To investigate the trend, Policy Expert asks British parents how much damage they believe their children cause in the home.

The research finds that British kids cause an average of £3,150 worth of damage to homes during their childhood.   One in seven (14%) children has caused more than £500 worth of household damage in the last year alone.

Of the 1,342 parents surveyed, 163 (12%) said carpets, upholstery and furniture has been damage with 150 (11%) admitting interior paintwork and décor had been ruined by mischievous children.


Despite this level of mischief, almost one in five (18%) people don’t have or don’t know if they have accidental damage cover included in their home insurance.


The survey reveals that the top excuse for causing damage in the home is ‘It wasn’t me’ (22%). More inventive excuses included blaming ‘a swarm of bees’, suggesting that ‘Peppa Pig and all of her friends started jumping on the sofa’ and that ‘the fairies told me to’.


Adam Powell, Head of Operations at Policy Expert said:

“Kids are great at testing their parents’ patience, as well as the durability of their home, whether it’s decorating the walls with crayons or using the sofa as a bouncy castle. That’s why it makes sense to ensure your insurance policy covers you for any mischievous mishaps, especially when the kids are at home during the school holidays.  Accidental damage is a very straightforward thing to add to your policy but gives you peace of mind, even if that’s the only peace you get this summer.”


Top eight items children cause damage to:

  1. Paintwork / interior décor
  2. Carpets / upholstery
  3. Furniture
  4. Gadgets
  5. Glass / mirrors
  6. Plumbing / electrics
  7. Crockery
  8. Garden


Top kids’ excuses:

  • It wasn’t me
  • Blame mum / dad / teacher
  • Blame a sibling
  • Say it was an accident / I didn’t mean to
  • Fairies told me to / did it
  • I was playing
  • It was the dog / cat
  • Peppa Pig and all of her friends came in
  • A ghost opened the door and it got in my way
  • A swarm of bees
  • Blamed ‘Mr Pumpkinhead’

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