Pets cause damage to 5.2million UK homes


An estimated 5.2million (40%) of pet owners have witnessed their pets cause chaos in their home, with dogs topping the list of calamitous critters.


According to new research from insurance provider Policy Expert, 3.6million (40%) dogs and 2.2million (28%) cats have chomped, chewed, smashed and scratched their way through their owners’ household possessions.


Despite all of this, pets are still the object of their owners’ affections, with 6.7million (52%) of households treating them to presents at each major celebration such as Christmas or birthdays. Once again, dogs top the list with 4.5million (50%) regularly lavished with gifts, and 2.7million (34%) having been treated in the past.


It’s no surprise owners are more than happy to show their precious pooches how much they care. 71% of people feel their home is safer from burglary because of their dog, and 75% believe their home is less likely to be broken into.


Adam Powell, Head of Operations at Policy Expert said:

“We are truly a nation of pet lovers but, as every owner knows, the love we have for our animals comes with a cost from the likely damage caused to our homes. Many owners aren’t aware that, in the vast majority of cases, damage caused by pets is not covered by their accidental damage policy. In an ideal scenario, prevention is better than cure, so it’s always advisable to take reasonable measures, such as keeping pets entertained with toys, regular walks and scratch posts, to prevent them from causing chaos at home. As ever, it’s essential to read the small print whenever you take out any policy, to ensure it fully meets your needs, and if you want additional peace of mind, you’ll need to seek out a specific insurance package”. 

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