Burglars beware: Half of Brits would confront a trespasser in their home

Burglars beware: Half of Brits would confront a trespasser in their home

Policy Expert reveals the UK’s top ten burglary deterrents


  • Half of homeowners admit they would confront a burglar found snooping around their home
  • four in five would investigate strange noises from a neighbour’s house
  • As people head away for the bank holiday weekend, seven  in 10 (69%) will be leaving lights on and two in five (39%) will be putting faith in burglar alarms, to keep burglars at bay


They say an Englishman’s home is his castle, and, according to latest research from insurance provider Policy Expert, they’re prepared to defend it like one.  Almost half (48%) of UK homeowners claim they would confront a burglar in their home and four in five (80%) ‘nosey neighbours’ would investigate strange sounds coming from a house nearby.

In defence of valuables, and of course family, nine in 10 (93%) homeowners think they should be free to use force against unwelcome trespassers, and one in 10 (9%) have even armed themselves for a home invasion, keeping a weapon by the bed.


It’s clear homeowners want to have a right to fend off burglars but the best course of action is to discourage prying eyes and probing hands from tempting fate…


Top 10 most popular burglary deterrents

  1. Locked doors when in bed or out of the house 93%
  2. Keep valuables out of sight 78%
  3. Install security lights outside 69%
  4. Leave lights on when out 69%
  5. Install a burglar alarm 39%
  6. Program indoor lights on a timer 32%
  7. Buy a dog 27%
  8. Play the radio when out 16%
  9. Install a fake burglar alarm 9%
  10. Keep a weapon by the bed 9%


It’s a problem many of us face, one in 10 (12%) have had our homes burgled before, and there are suggestions this could be down to complacency about security. One in three admit (29%) to having left doors unlocked when they leave the house, and six per cent count on luck, hiding keys somewhere subtle nearby.


On the plus side, it seems community spirit is still strong in the UK, as one in three (30%) are keeping spare keys with a neighbour, no doubt due to the fact that two in five Brits (38%) consider their neighbours really good friends.


Adam Powell, Head of Operations at Policy Expert commented:

“Burglary is a subject that really raises the pulse of Brits. We view our home as our castle and when pushed many are prepared to defend it like one! But the important message here is to discourage prying eyes and probing hands in the first place.  I hope that the nine in ten homeowners who haven’t been burgled realise how important it is to keep contents safely locked away. Every day we see the devastation that burglary can cause, and it’s even more crushing when complacency has been the main cause. I ask homeowners to take seriously the risk of intruders, protect your home from prying eyes, and ensure you’re covered on all fronts, especially if you’re out enjoying the sun this weekend.”


Top tips for protecting your home

  1. Lock all windows, doors and side gates when leaving your property – even if just for a few minutes.
  2. Check your home insurance policy, as some won’t cover you if you leave the property unoccupied for a prolonged period of time.
  3. Help prevent a ‘letterbox burglary’ by keeping keys away from the door.
  4. Don’t leave garden tools or ladders in an accessible place. They could be used to force entry.
  5. Make your home look occupied with timers on your lights.




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