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5 ways to sell your Home Quickly

Homes which linger on the market for months put buyers off as they assume that ‘something’s wrong’. There probably isn’t, but there are some simple effective tricks to sell your home faster.

Kitchen ‘must haves’

Last year, research by property company Hamptons International showed that it’s the kitchen which is the most crucial room in the House when it comes to buyers deciding to buy a home or not.

How to add the most value to your home?

‘Improve, don’t move’ is once again the mantra for Householdsas a combination of strongly rising prices in many areas of the country, making it more costly to move up the property ladder, and a lack of homes coming on the market, put people off from moving.

Get the shabby chic look without spending a fortune

Fortunately, this has largely to the benefit of the consumer. Whereas once you would have had to shell out a small fortune for a distressed dining room chair or rumpled old sofa, you can now buy ‘the look’ for knock-down prices, either on the high street or online.

Are house prices booming where you live?

While London and other parts of the south have been experiencing strong house price growth, and in some cases prices now exceed those of the previous ‘bubble’ which burst in 2007, it’s certainly not true of all regions.

Five of the best ways to make money from your home

Most Britons could do with an income boost, whether that’s to help pay the household bills or save up for a well-needed holiday. But as with most ideas involving making money from your home, there’s a good chance you will need to tell your home insurance provider as your cover may need adjusting to reflect what you’re doing.

Brits want to protect homes without fear of prosecution

The results from a survey of 1,374 customers by insurance broker Policy Expert, show just what a plucky bunch Brits are, and how it could be time for the Government to review the rules regarding householders protecting themselves in their own homes.

Friendly Brits watch out for neighbours and are ultra-careful with spare keys

Modern Britain is a much more friendly and community-spirited country than many believe, latest figures from a survey of over 1,300 customers by insurance broker home insurance broker Policy Expert show.

How to sell your home without an estate agent

If you want to maximise the amount you keep when you sell your home, and potentially save thousands of pounds in fees, you might want to consider putting your home on the market without going down the more traditional estate agent route.

The best veg to grow this summer

Here are eight of the best vegetables to plant now, in May, and which should then be ready to pick throughout the summer. They’ve been chosen for ease of growing and planting, as well as longevity of fruiting.

Best gazebos for the summer

We’re in for a long, hot summer, if some of the experts’ weather predictions are to be believed and a gazebo could be just the thing you need to help keep off the sun when you’re outside and don’t want to burn.

Using mirrors in your Home to create more space

Here are 10 tips for on the best places to put mirrors if you want to take advantage of the magic illusion of extra space they can bring.

House prices begin to boom everywhere

House Prices are rising at their fastest since the end of the last boom, growing by 1.2% in April alone, latest figures from the Nationwide show.

Best places to live in the UK 2014

When it comes to the best places to live in Britain, it seems that towns and villages in the countryside win hands down over cities and those situated in more built up areas.

How to avoid DIY disaster this summer

Carrying out DIY tasks around the home is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Recent research from shows that there are around 250,000 DIY-caused injuries in the UK each year.

Top tips for selling your home this spring and summer

Everything looks that bit nicer in the sun, when the leaves unfurl and gardens green up nicely. The statistics prove it too; on average homes sell for 3 percent more than they do in the winter.

Did Osborne’s Budget help homeowners?

The new budget brings both pluses and minuses for homeowners and those hoping to get on the housing ladder, as well as people simply concerned about house prices and the number of new homes being built in the UK.

Why your engagement or wedding ring might not be insured

Research shows that over 25% of women have either lost or had a ring stolen, it’s somewhat surprising that at least 7 out of 10 men or women don’t consider taking out extra contents insurance cover when they buy the ring in the first place.

When comparing insurance quotes, mind the cover gap

When you’re searching around for the right home insurance deal, and getting quotes from insurers to compare prices, it’s easy to assume that after inputting certain details you’ll be comparing like-for-like cover when the results come back.

How to get a better deal at renewal time

Each year, your home insurance provider or broker will remind you that it’s time to renew your cover, usually either by letter or email, and usually offering you a new ‘deal’.