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A Home Insurance ‘good customer’

It may seem counter-intuitive, but if your home’s structure is damaged, or you have something you own stolen, it’s not always a good idea to claim for it on your home insurance.

Why your engagement or wedding ring might not be insured

Research shows that over 25% of women have either lost or had a ring stolen, it’s somewhat surprising that at least 7 out of 10 men or women don’t consider taking out extra contents insurance cover when they buy the ring in the first place.

Good News For Public With Fall in Burglary Figures

Recently released crime figures from across the UK show that burglary rates across the country are still falling. Burglary is the crime which many homeowners fear the most, but these statistics show that fewer of us than ever are coming home to find our home has been ransacked.

Surprising Statistics on Student Insurance Claims

There is an estimated 1.5 million landlords in the UK, the majority of whom have just one or two rental properties. Difficulties in the property market over recent years have prompted more homeowners to let their homes rather than sell them when moving, and recently released statistics about what sort of tenants are most likely to cause a landlord to claim on their buildings insurance or contents insurance reveal some startling facts.

Home Insurance Claim Jargon Buster

If you have to make a claim on your home insurance, or are simply going through the terms and conditions when taking out a policy, some of the industry jargon you’ll come across can be a little confusing.

Why your Home Insurance Excess can vary depending on the Claim

Home owners are often caught out after making a claim on their home insurance as they find to their shock that they have to first contribute a certain amount before the insurer sorts out the rest.

How to get a better deal at renewal time

Each year, your home insurance provider or broker will remind you that it’s time to renew your cover, usually either by letter or email, and usually offering you a new ‘deal’.

Best ways to win a Home Insurance Claim Dispute

If something happens to your property and possessions and you have to make a large claim on your home insurance, but your insurer refuses to meet the claim, what’s the best way to go about ensuring a successful outcome?

Move to Cut Insurance Industry Fraud

It is estimated the current insurance fraud levels in the UK are around £2.1 billion a year, and this adds £50 onto each and every insurance policy we buy. Reduce the fraud, and the industry can become even more competitive.

Top Reasons for Rejecting Home Insurance Claims

Home buildings and contents insurance insurance has never been out of the news this winter with extensive storm and flood damage, and for the vast majority of people who claim on their policies, they will receive a full pay out. However, a recent investigation by a prominent consumer websites has flagged up the top reasons why home insurance claims are rejected by insurers.

How much Home Insurance do I need?

Different Home Insurance policies contain different types of cover, with much of the difference being made up of ‘extras’. From legal insurance to pet cover, these extras can be somewhat confusing, and you won’t necessarily even need them.

How Car Insurance Groups can affect Cover Costs

Car insurance costs can be astronomical, mainly depending on the type of car, your age and driving record. The ‘type’ of car carries a great degree of weight in deciding how much you pay. Types of car fall into different groups for insurance purposes. The groups are decided by industry experts and although insurers can use their own assessment methods, they nearly all follow the insurance industry’s Group Rating Panel’s decision.

Burglary hotspots UK 2014: Best and worst postcodes for theft

Once again London has been crowned the burglary hotspot of Britain, with 12 of the top 20 most badly-affected postcodes being found in the capital, latest research from the financial comparison site shows. But while parts of London are the worst hit, it doesn’t have the highest concentration of burglaries per thousand residents. That…

New Repair and Renew Grant for Flood Hit Areas

On April 1, the government’s new Renew and Repair Grant scheme started. The grants, which are administered through local Councils, give homeowners up to £5,000 to take flood protection measures whether to minimise the financial consequences of being flooded again in the future. Home buildings and contents insurance is designed to repair the damage caused…

Dangerous Complacency over Flood Risk to Homes

Many people are unaware that the recent severe flooding seen in parts of the UK could happen to their homes too, a survey by insurance broker Policy Expert shows. Get a home quote Although UK home owners say they’re fearful of extreme weather events becoming more common, with some even considering moving abroad, a large number…

Withdrawn Licence Means Cancelled Flood Payout

All over the country, flood hit homeowners are going through the process of claiming on their buildings insurance for damage to their property. In the huge majority of cases the claims are processed without delay, so that people can start to get their lives back to normal. In a few cases though, homeowners have been in for a nasty surprise when they try to claim and find that their claims are swiftly rejected.

Will Coastal Erosion Hike Up Buildings Insurance Costs?

Most of the news coverage this winter has been about the devastating damage caused by extensive flooding, but homeowners living in coastal areas have been equally hard hit. Many years’ worth of erosion has taken place in just a few weeks and some coastal properties are finding the sea coming alarmingly close.Get a home quote…

Why you can bank on a Home Insurance Broker

Using an expert broker to find a home insurance deal, instead of going direct or using a comparison website, can not only leave you with more cash in the bank at the end of the process. It also means you’re more likely to have the right sort of cover in place, with potentially less chance of any claims you make being rejected.

20% of UK Homes have No Contents Insurance

A recently published insurance industry survey has shown that 20% of UK homes have no home contents insurance cover at all, leaving them open to considerable financial difficulty in the event of damage to the things in their homes due to fire, theft or flooding. Recent flooding across the UK has brought the whole topic of home insurance and home contents to the fore, but it remains to be seen whether this increases the number of policies which will be taken out over the coming months.

Warning over Fishing Burglaries

Gone are the days where a car thief would simply smash the window of your car, do something sneaky with the wires under the dashboard and drive your car away. Nowadays, 85% of cars which are stolen are driven away by a thief who has the keys, and the most common way of getting these…