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Staycations: Half of staycations uninsured

From short breaks in historical Northern cities to summer holidays at trendy Cornish beach resorts, more and more Brits are choosing ‘staycations’ over holidays abroad. But latest research shows that many are making the mistake of thinking there’s less need to take out insurance for trips within the UK. This is despite most taking plenty…

The rise of the house sitter

If you’re going on holiday, getting someone to ‘house sit’ can be a good idea. Whether they’re actually staying at a property, or just popping in now and again, it gives that extra peace of mind to allow you to enjoy your break. However, latest research shows that thousands of Brits are potentially invalidating their insurance by doing something which, on…

Friday 13th – Lucky for some?

We humans are a superstitious lot. From saying ‘Morning Mr. Magpie’ to knocking on wood, many ordinarily sensible people occasionally behave completely irrationally. But when it comes to the well-known superstition that Friday 13th brings terrible luck, recent statistics suggest that it might in fact be the opposite. Feeling lucky? Research from insurer Policy Expert…

House price predictions 2017: What the experts say

It’s a somewhat uneasy time to be a homeowner as the huge rise in prices we’ve seen in recent years creates both winners and losers. So while many property owners are sitting pretty after seeing huge increases in the value of their homes, some fear their offspring my never be able to afford to buy….

Watch out for pickpockets this Christmas

If you’re out and about shopping for Christmas and in the high street sales, beware – pickpockets target cities throughout the country at this time of year. Latest figures from insurer Policy Expert show that distracted shoppers are of particular attraction to thieves during what is a lucrative season for them. Cities targeted by pickpockets…

What will you be getting for Christmas this year

When it comes to unwanted Christmas presents, we Brits are shameless. A large number will happily use them as gifts for other people, and a fair few actually try and give them back! Yes, Scrooge is alive and well; a recent survey by the insurer Policy Expert shows there are plenty of people who clearly…

Stay safe this Christmas with Policy Expert

Let’s face it, a combination of open fires, fairy lights, fir trees and wrapping paper, not to mention boozy people, wouldn’t ordinarily pass a health and safety test. Risk of fire increases hugely at Christmas The risk of fire in the home increases hugely at Christmas; insurance firm Aviva recently showed that claims for fire…

Ensure your presents are covered this Christmas

It might be due to an urge to save in uncertain times, or as a result of stagnating wages, but Brexit Britain will be spending less on Christmas presents this year, latest research shows. A survey by leading insurer Policy Expert reveals that Brits will reduce the amount they splash out on each other by…

Will your house be ‘home alone’ this Christmas?

Millions of homes will be left empty this Christmas, offering easy pickings to opportunistic burglars, latest research shows. Figures from insurer Policy Expert suggest that one-in-four people intend to be away for festivities. As the burglary rate generally peaks towards the end of December, with thieves making the most of the annual holiday season, unattended…

Preparing your garden for winter

As we enjoy the golden glow of autumn, it’s time to think about prepping gardens for winter. It may be an unwelcome thought, but a little extra work now means your outdoor space will require little maintenance in the colder months, and will be raring to go come spring! So what should you do? Mow…

Government’s Insurance Premium Tax to rise

In this year’s budget the Chancellor announced an increase to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), from 9.5% to 10%. This means that after the 1st of October the tax paid by consumers on most types of insurance will go up.   Some cover types are exempt However, some other types of cover, including life and health insurance, are exempt…

Holiday travel woes – how can insurance help?

Going on holiday should be a fun experience, but when it goes wrong, it can be a nightmare. Knowing what to do in case of delays  can save you money and heartache, so read on to find out more. What happens when you’re uninsured? Depending on who you book a trip through, without travel insurance you may suffer major financial…

You told us…about your ‘staycations’

Only 1 in 3 take out travel insurance 7 in 10 people taking trips in the UK this summer could be doing so uninsured, leaving thousands of pounds worth of valuables at risk of theft, loss and damage, according to new research from our customers. Brits will take £676 of valuables with them Of the 2,500…

You told us…all about your garden

We’re a nation of competitive gardeners, investing more than £17,000 in our gardens over a lifetime to impress neighbours and keep up appearances, according to new research from our customers. Nearly one in four (23%) of the 2,205 people surveyed complained of a green-fingered neighbour whose garden always upstages the rest of the street, with over…

See what has the most impact on home cover premiums, and what you can do about it

Here are the main factors which influence the cost of your home insurance and what you could do to reduce how much you pay.

How the right school can add £21,000 to your home

Living in a home with a good state secondary nearby school adds an average of £21,000 to its value when compared to local house prices

School holidays mean accidents at home

Policy Expert asked our customers about their experiences with having kids at home over the school holidays, and here’s what they said…

The Budget 2016 – What homeowners need to know

The Chancellor’s 2016 Budget delivered a mixed bag for home-owners. We’ve summarised a few of the key points for home-owners.

Easter DIY to spruce up your home

Easter marks the time when thousands of homeowners across the country get out their tool kits with the good intentions of tackling much procrastinate about DIY projects.

5.3m tumble dryers to be recalled

In November 2015 Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda (all part of Whirlpool) issued a recall for 5.3m faulty tumble dryers.

Don’t forget your garden this winter

Your garden needs attention in the winter months too, and not preparing it properly could be the difference between needing to make a claim or not. Make sure your garden is prepared for winter with our handy check-list.

Prepare your home for Christmas

Christmas can be magical time of year, and decorating the house is a favourite tradition for many people. Make sure you keep your home and family safe with our handy Christmas check-list.

Get your home prepared for winter

It’s important to ensure that your home is prepared for everything that the winter months might throw at it. Our handy check-list will help ensure that you don’t miss anything out.  Things to check for winter: Check your boiler and heating system – If you haven’t done so already this year, get your boiler checked and/or serviced by…

Children in Need 2015

On Friday 13th November, Policy Expert is showing our support for Children in Need. Every penny raised for Children in Need goes to help disadvantaged children and young people here in the UK.

Four essential elements for home security this winter

The winter is a more tempting time for burglars to scope out properties than at other times of the year as they think they’ll have less chance of getting caught.

El Niño’s coming this winter: Are you prepared… and insured?

Recent predictions from the Met Office suggest this year the El Niño weather front could be at its strongest since 1950, which saw one of the snowiest winters on record.

Government’s Insurance Premium Tax to rise, increasing insurance costs

From the 1st of November the Government is set to increase the amount of tax paid by consumers on most types of insurance premiums from 6% to 9.5%.

Money-saving tips from Moneymagpie

Policy Expert have teamed up with Moneymagpie to offer our customers a free eBook full of money-saving tips and tricks.

Dashboard distractions risk motorist’s insurance cover

Plenty of accidents occur due to drivers checking their mobile phones while at the wheel, but many others are now caused by the increasing amount of ‘dashboard distractions’ newer cars have.

Are you covered for holiday season delays and cancellations?

If the journey to your holiday destination is affected by something unforeseen, and you experience cancellations and delays, what are your compensation options and will you be able to claim on travel insurance?

How posting updates on social media could ruin your home cover

Thousands of holidaymakers are risking financial ruin by tagging themselves in pictures, updating statuses and telling people they’re away on social media.

How getting married could leave you under-insured

Newlyweds are risking financial disaster by not having the correct levels of home insurance in place when they get married, latest research by insurance broker Policy Expert shows.

Protect your home and belongings before you go on holiday

Thousands of Brits will be heading off on holiday this summer without making sure their homes are as safe from burglary. Here’s what thieves lookout for.

Your wedding will cost me how much?!

We all know weddings can be expensive for the bride and groom, and quite often their parents, but latest figures show guests spend a small fortune too.

Are you sure your home insurance covers the garden too?

Many homeowners are risking losing thousands because their home insurance isn’t sufficient for the type of outside space they have and what they keep in it. See why.

Scots make the most generous wedding guests and those in the Home Counties the least

Where in the country do the wedding guests live that spend the most and least? And how much in total do weddings cost those that go?

Don’t risk driving abroad this summer without the right cover

Thousands of Brits take their cars on the big annual summer getaway to continental Europe each year. But a good many go without having the right car insurance.

Why ‘valuables’ are so important for your home insurance

Many people own something of such value that if they lost it, or had it stolen, they would struggle to be able to afford to replace it.

Home insurance gets cheaper for homeowners

Good news for those looking to save money, the cost of your home insurance just got cheaper.

Fire in the hold! But is your home cover invalid?

Think you’ll be able to claim on insurance if there’s a fire in your home? Think again.

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