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Christmas Spending – An Infographic from Policy Expert

If your Christmas presents will increase the value of your contents, you might need to increase your contents cover.

Parents at risk as Kids have more gadgets at school

Parents are risking hundreds of pounds by letting their children have more gadgets at school as over half aren’t correctly insured to cover their kids’ tech. Over half of the parents surveyed, admit they either don’t have, or aren’t sure if they have, home insurance which includes cover for possessions taken away from the home.

Securing your Home before going on Holiday

It’s the height of the holiday season, when millions of Brits pack the car or jump on a plane and head off for somewhere hopefully warm and sunny. But can you be certain you’re securing your Home to make sure it’s as safe as possible from burglary and damage while you’re away?

What to do if your phone goes missing. Do you have mobile phone insurance?

Many people have experienced losing their mobile phone and it ranks pretty highly on the list of annoying things that can happen. From unauthorised calls to the hassle of getting a new phone, the fall out can be fairly painful to deal with. But do you have mobile phone insurance?

Are house price rises grinding to a halt?

It appears that the housing market in many parts of the country may be slowing, or possibly even grinding to a halt, latest figures show. The average price of a home in England and Wales froze between May and June at £172,011, statistics from the Land Registry indicate.

Don’t fall for ‘flash for cash’ Car Insurance Crime

Latest figures from the insurer Aviva show that the number of people who deliberately cause accidents when driving so they can make fake Car Insurance claims rose by 51% in the last year.

Cut your Travel Insurance Costs

Any situation which leads to you or family members needing hospital treatment while away can add thousands to the price of a holiday, so not arranging Travel Insurance before you jet off really shouldn’t be an option.

Tips for Buying Furniture at Auction

Although Britain now seems to be well on the mend after the great recession of 2008 to 2012, thriftiness and ways to save appear to have become more popular as a result of going through those difficult times. But if you are buying at auction, it’s a good idea to review how much cover you have on your home insurance for your possessions.

Caravan Insurance, Mobile Homes and Trailer Tents

We Brits just love our caravans, and each year thousands head off for holidays with their van in the UK and across the Channel each year, but you need to get your Caravan Insurance cover right.

Best ways to get Replacement Car Keys

Imagine you’re on a weekend break and you get your car keys out so you can lock your car, only to fumble and watch them drop down a drain. And you don’t have a spare set with you. Will your car insurance policy provide you with enough cover to get out of this sticky situation?

Thousands of Pound worth of Gadgets Uninsured

Nearly one in three Britons carry gadgets and items on them worth £1,000 or more, but over half don’t have home insurance which financially covers their possessions when they’re out and about, latest research shows.

6 easy ways you’re invalidating your Car Insurance

Once you’ve bought your Car Insurance it’s easy to tuck the policy document away in a drawer and forget about it for another year. But it could also mean forgetting that the policy will have exclusions and clauses which mean you could find yourself driving without valid insurance at some point. 

5 ways to sell your Home Quickly

Homes which linger on the market for months put buyers off as they assume that ‘something’s wrong’. There probably isn’t, but there are some simple effective tricks to sell your home faster.

Should you add on Home Emergency Cover to your Home Insurance?

From time to time, things go wrong in a home which could be classed as an ‘emergency’ and which can be very hard to deal with and remedy. This is why home insurers offer home emergency insurance; the better policies will ensure you’ll have a 24-hour hotline to call and immediate financial help and assistance if things go wrong.

Is Key Cover for Cars worth it?

Around one in four drivers has experienced losing their Car Keys, it’s a very common and costly mistake to make, but there are different levels of car key cover available.

How to find good builders, plumbers, electricians and other local tradesmen

Having to find good local tradesmen when no one you know can recommended one for a job you need doing can be tricky. But getting it right is fundamentally important if you don’t want to have to pay to correct work that was done badly, or even plain wrong. If the work is of a structural nature and involves the electrics, you could be left with a dangerous home which might be breaking the conditions of your home insurance cover.

Locks are Key to Home Insurance

The locks on your home’s doors and windows are crucial when it comes to your Home Insurance. If they’re good enough, home insurers might give you a discount on your premiums, but if you tick the wrong boxes when opening the cover, you could inadvertently invalidate your policy.

What should you expect from a good Car Insurance policy?

When choosing a car insurance policy it can be quite confusing to know what’s important and what isn’t; what are the ‘must haves’ and what is important but not necessarily vital?

How spare keys could invalidate your Home Insurance

For obvious reasons, most homeowners leave spare keys with friends and neighbours just in case they find themselves outside their home, fumbling in their pockets to no avail, but you’re potentially at risk of invalidating your home insurance.

Bicycle owners without Bike Insurance risking hundreds of pounds

Bicycles are among the most commonly stolen, damaged or lost items people own. And yet research from leading insurance broker Policy Expert shows that less than half of bike owners have the right level of bike insurance to cover them.

Majority of motorists in favour of cyclists on the roads

A survey completed by Policy Expert has shown that the majority of Britain’s motorists are quite supportive cyclists on the roads. Indeed, a good number blame other drivers for the frustrations of using the UK’s roads, rather than cyclists and other ‘obstacles’ such as speed cameras and public transportation.

Boozy cyclists enrage motorists by not paying Liability Insurance

New research by Policy Expert shows cyclists will happily drink more than the legal limit for motorists before riding their bikes, and that motorists want cyclists to be made to pay liability insurance in the same way they have to.

Motorists vs cyclists – The Results!

Policy Expert, Home Insurance broker recently surveyed our customers, posing questions to motorist and cyclists, to get their view on the roads. We asked questions about how they feel about other road users and the way they behave on the roads? Whether cyclists are saving the planet, or a risking their lives?

Kitchen ‘must haves’

Last year, research by property company Hamptons International showed that it’s the kitchen which is the most crucial room in the House when it comes to buyers deciding to buy a home or not.

How legal cover can help fight ‘neighbours from hell’

The cost of legal proceedings can be prohibitively expensive, particularly since the introduction of much stricter eligibility rules for Legal Aid. Adding Legal assistance to your Home Insurance policy will give you peace of mind knowing trained advisers and solicitors are never more than a phone call away, if a neighbour dispute should occur.

How to add the most value to your home?

‘Improve, don’t move’ is once again the mantra for Householdsas a combination of strongly rising prices in many areas of the country, making it more costly to move up the property ladder, and a lack of homes coming on the market, put people off from moving.

Driving without insurance: What are the penalties?

Driving without Car Insurance is illegal and, some would say, immoral. But the threats of driving bans, fines and penalty points don’t seem to be enough to deter the thousands caught every year from doing so.

Why do car insurance premiums rise?

The price of Motor Insurance is especially galling for younger drivers; those between 17 and 22 still have to pay an average of nearly £1,200 a year for their cover. Here are the main reasons you might find your car cover premiums seem to keep rising.

Get the shabby chic look without spending a fortune

Fortunately, this has largely to the benefit of the consumer. Whereas once you would have had to shell out a small fortune for a distressed dining room chair or rumpled old sofa, you can now buy ‘the look’ for knock-down prices, either on the high street or online.

Renting a spare room? Don’t forget to tell your home insurer

Taking in lodgers can be a great way of easily earning extra cash, you can earn £4,250 a year tax-free without even having to declare it, it’s no surprise that the number of live-in landlords is booming. But many people don’t realise they could be invalidating their home insurance by doing so.

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