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Top tips for choosing the right estate agent

If you’re looking to put your home on the market, how should you go about choosing an estate agent?

What’s included under home insurance for business needs

If you work from home you have to be very careful that your home insurance policy will cover you while you’re running your business.

Driving convictions and your car insurance

Motorists caught doing something wrong not only face the possibility of points on their licences, they may also have to pay much greater premiums for car cover.

The 10 things most likely to affect the value of your home

There are a number of factors which can reduce the value of a home, some of which can be avoided by taking practical measures, others which you can’t do much about.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day break your wallet as well as heart

Valentine’s Day might be full of romance and excitement, but, if you’re not careful, it also has the potential to leave you both emotionally and financially broken.

Mobile phone insurance: Don’t pay twice

Many thousands of people could be walking around with mobile phone cover that they don’t necessarily need. Here’s why.

Ombudsman fights back on behalf of sensible holiday drinkers who are insured

Even if you’ve never been drunk in your life, having only a couple of drinks on holiday could mean any claim you make on your travel insurance for something going wrong at the time is rejected.

One in five ‘economical’ with truth when applying for home insurance

Many people aren’t completely truthful when applying for home insurance if it means they might save a few quid, new research shows.

The UK’s most desirable postcodes

Postcodes have become more and more important to providing information to government and financial organisations about you and your home over the last couple of decades.

Nasty neighbours force home cover claims… and what to do about it

Nightmare neighbours are the reason that 10% of British householders claim on home insurance at some point, recent research shows.

Pets cause costly damage, but help choose where owners live!

Pets are causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage to UK homes every year, but their owners still prioritise a pet’s needs when it comes to choosing where to live, latest research shows.

Are you prepared for when monster storms like Gonzalez hit Britain?

Whether your home is somewhere that’s prone to flooding or not, it pays to prepare your home and its contents as best you can, and as early as you can, before the weather catches you out.

Regions join London in surpassing house price peak

The most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show that three more regions have joined London, the East of England and the South East in surpassing their previous house price peaks.

Can you be certain you have phone insurance?

Many mobile phone users are unaware that their phone insurance might not cover them as comprehensively as they assume, leading to problems if they try and claim on their cover.

Dogs make people feel safer, but they can slash a home’s value!

Keeping a dog certainly helps householders feel they’re safer and less likely to be broken into, but it can cause major problems when it comes to selling a home.

Those are the findings of a recent survey by insurance broker Policy Expert which asked its customer base a number of questions about dog ownership and keeping pets in the home.

Cheapest cars to run and insure

At the end of 2013 a survey by the motor vehicle purchasing company found that the UK was the most expensive country in the world to run a car.

Energy best deals and cutting household costs

One of the quickest and best ways to cut the cost of unavoidable household bills is to ditch old providers that have had you on uncompetitive deals and switch to new ones.

This applies to the cost of services that most people think of as vital, such as home insurance and broadband, and, perhaps in particular, to energy suppliers.

Energy bills have increased hugely over the last 5 years, rocketing from an average of £800 on a standard energy tariff to just over £1,300.

European breakdown cover: What to look out for

According to the AA, one-in-three of the Britons who take their cars abroad each year do so without taking out the right breakdown cover. They may already have such cover for their UK motoring, and honestly believe that it’s also sufficient for when they’re driving on foreign roads, but many know it’s not and simply take the risk.

Flooding and home insurance: The main concerns

Is your home correctly insured for the coming winter? If you were recently flooded, are you worried about the cost of your home cover going up? What if you’ve only been flooded once in a one-off flash-flood?

Holiday chaos – how travel insurance can help

Major disruptions to holiday plans are a relatively common experience, whether it’s because of a severe storm, an airline going bust or some other event which can ruin a trip.
But what can those who have been sensible and taken out travel cover expect from their policy? And what should they do if they experience delays?

Homes and cars targeted every seven seconds by criminals

As has been widely reported in the past, the UK has one of the highest crime rates for burglary and car crime in Europe, with homes and cars targeted regulalry. In fact, until recently, it had the largest number of burglaries in absolute terms each year.

While this may be the case, it’s still shocking to hear that recent figures show a house or a car gets broken into or vandalised in some way every seven seconds in England and Wales.

House prices begin to fall, but not in London

The summer slowdown in house prices could be turning into something more serious for homeowners, latest house price figures suggest.

After reaching all-time highs, price increases showed signs of slowing over the main summer months of July and August. Many experts felt this simply reflected the usual drop off in market activity at this time of year, when many families give up on house hunting in favour of holiday activities in the UK and abroad.

House prices to rocket 30% in the next 5 years

The average price of a home in England and Wales is set to rocket by 30% over the next five years, Britain’s most popular property website has claimed. Contrary to recent signs that house price growth is slowing and the market could be heading for a fall, the average price of a home will hit £318,000 and a somewhat crazy £715,000 in London.

Most common home insurance claims: Are you covered?

With the Autumn fast approaching, it’s time to start taking a serious look at your home insurance to check you’re covered for the sort of damage wet, cold and stormy weather can cause.

Are home surveys worth it?

When you’re buying a property, there are plenty of additional costs to pay on top of the price you agreed, not least stamp duty of up to 5% and solicitors fees, so you may be forgiven for forgoing the additional cost of a survey on the home.

What is ‘gap insurance’ and do you need it?

Ever thought what would happen if the car you drive was written off? Would you get back what you paid for it on insurance? That’s where gap insurance comes in.

Tips for choosing the right breakdown cover

Running a car is an expensive business. There’s road tax, repairs and value depreciation to take into consideration, as well as choosing the right breakdown cover.

Vehicle tax changes: what you need to know

So it’s goodbye to the now seemingly old-fashioned, perforated piece of paper that was the car tax disc, which drivers no longer have to display.

Three ways technology can help make your home more secure

Three easy to install and cost-effective gadgets to make your home a much safer place, deterring potential burglars from even thinking about robbing it.

The dangers of driving without an MOT

It’s very easy to ignore the time for the annual car MOT and put it off for another day, but those that do risk invalidating their car insurance.

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