The Ten Most Useful iPad Apps For Homeowners

It’s safe to assume that you would welcome anything that makes life easier whilst searching for your first home, or moving house, or even improv

Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Burglaries are higher in the winter months and the festive period can be a peak. So how can you take steps to secure your property?

What Is New for Old Cover?

Many people assume that when they make a Home Insurance claim they will be covered for the cost of replacing stolen, damaged or lost items with th

Home security and your Insurance

It’s a fairly heart-stopping moment; you arrive home after a weekend away and realise you’ve left the front door open the whole time. Anyone c

What are Home Insurance exclusions?

When you take out Home Insurance, or any kind of insurance for that matter, if you don’t check the finer details of the policy you’re buying ,

How to ensure your property is secure

It may seem an obvious, but it’s vital that when you go away you leave your house secure. And this isn’t only for the usual reasons of prevent

Working from home and Home Insurance

Working from home has never been so easy or so widespread, but home workers should beware that they might need to adjust their home insurance, or

Fire Prevention Tips for your Home

Fire may not be the most common reason for home insurance claims

Best places to live in the UK 2014

When it comes to the best places to live in Britain, it seems that towns and villages in the countryside win hands down over cities and those situ

Six ways to prepare your home for winter

Is your home prepared for the violent storms and freezing conditions the like of which we’ve experienced over the last few years?

Tactics burglars use and what they look out for

If you’re thinking about improving the security of your home, it’s useful to know just what sort of tactics thieves use when staking out and t

Three ways technology can help make your home more secure

Three easy to install and cost-effective gadgets to make your home a much safer place, deterring potential burglars from even thinking about robbi

Most common home insurance claims: Are you covered?

With the Autumn fast approaching, it’s time to start taking a serious look at your home insurance to check you’re covered for the sort of dama

Flooding and home insurance: The main concerns

Is your home correctly insured for the coming winter? If you were recently flooded, are you worried about the cost of your home cover going up? Wh

Mobile phone insurance: Don’t pay twice

Many thousands of people could be walking around with mobile phone cover that they don’t necessarily need. Here’s why.
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1 1/5 Its when you claim their true colours become clear
My garage was broken in to and I had a lot of power tools stolen , the garage was locked with a three point locking system up and over door. It appears the lock was forced with another key. When I tried to make a claim I was told because there was no "Forced and voilent" entry I couldn't claim on my insurance. Reading my policy document this isnt true can be either forced OR voilent , it was an attempt to stop my claim. I've made a compalint on their email facility but have no aknowledgement they have recieved my complaint. Warning if a theif uses a lock picking tool to get in your house they will refuse to pay up ...this could cost you thousands. Its when you actually need your policy you can truely make comment on thier services. I've been treated like a fraudster by the very people who should protect me from such instances.

2 2/5 avoid if you can
I have tried to contact Policy Expert regarding Home Emergency Insurance cover been on the phone for a while then decided to use their calling back system been waiting for hours still waiting,also failed to respond to my law firm regarding legal expenses cover for car accident.