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Buildings Insurance – What Is Land Heave?

As winter approaches and the chance of heavy rainfall increases, it’s not just flooding homeowners should be concerned about.

The Importance of Having Enough Home Insurance

We’ve all been there; times are tough and you’re looking for a way to save some money on your outgoings. So why shouldn’t you just take out

How to Switch Insurance Plans

Many of us stick with the same insurer year in, year out, but if you take the time to shop around for a better deal, you could save hundreds of po

Does Your Postcode Affect Your Home Insurance Premium?

There are several factors that can affect your home insurance premium. If you happen to live in a high crime area, your postcode could make you hi

Insurance guide for new mums and dads

A new baby will no doubt bring about changes to your daily routine and lifestyle – but will your insurance needs also be affected?

Claiming on home cover: Getting it right

Claiming on home cover is a vital part of actually taking out insurance that protects your property and possessions in the first place.

Why under-insuring your home and possessions could be financially fatal

Under-insuring your property and the things you keep in it can be a fatal financial error. Find out more.

Nasty neighbours force home cover claims… and what to do about it

Nightmare neighbours are the reason that 10% of British householders claim on home insurance at some point, recent research shows.

Are home surveys worth it?

When you’re buying a property, there are plenty of additional costs to pay on top of the price you agreed, so you may be forgiven for forgoing t

Protecting your home from winter weather and how it can affect your insurance

There have been plenty of recent winters where ferociously bad weather has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to homes around the country.

Best ways to win a Home Insurance Claim Dispute

If something happens to your property and possessions and you have to make a large claim on your home insurance, but your insurer refuses to meet

Is jewellery covered by Home Insurance policies?

Losing something as precious as a wedding ring might not only leave emotional scars but financial ones too; if you don’t have the right insuranc

Essential Insurance for Moving House

If you’re buying a new property, you’re legally responsible for it when you exchange contracts. So when it comes to insurance for moving house

Subsidence and Your Building Insurance Policy

What to do if you have to make a subsidence claim on your Home Insurance, and how to get Home Insurance after making a subsidence claim.

Home Insurance: Is legal expenses cover worth it?

Legal expenses insurance (LEI) is available so that if you do need legal advice, such as after an accident, a dispute with a tradesman, because of

What you can’t claim for, but you may have thought you could

Many people are caught unawares when making a claim on their Home Insurance, assuming that they will be covered.

How home improvements can affect your Home Insurance

Don’t let building work invalidate your Home Insurance. Read more to ensure you're covered.

Flat owners Home Insurance Guide

It’s crucial that the building your flat is part of is covered if the worst were to happen and the whole structure was destroyed.

Does where you live make a difference to Home Insurance charges?

Where you live, and most specifically your postcode, can say a lot about you as a person and the life you lead.

What is the difference between Landlord Insurance and Home Insurance?

If you’re a landlord, especially a first-timer, it’s easy to assume that a standard Home Insurance policy will also cover any properties that

Home Insurance Excess: Is lower better?

It's easy to reduce the cost of Home Insurance by increasing your excess. Take a look at the pros and cons of a lower excess.

What to look out for when Comparing Insurance Quotes

You could find what you think is a great deal, only to realise to your cost when you make a claim that it wasn’t right for you and didn’t incl

Common reasons home insurance claims are rejected

Making a claim on home insurance is often a relatively straightforward process. Here are three of the most common reasons home insurance claims ar

What is Covered By Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance is compulsory if you have a mortgage, and is there to cover the cost of entirely re-building your home or repairing any damage

Tips for First Time Home Insurance Buyers

Buying Home Insurance for the first time can be a little confusing. How much cover do you need?

Types of Home Insurance Cover on the Market

Whether you live in a small rented flat or a mansion, most people need some sort of Home Insurance.
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1 1/5 Avoid like the plague
Part of my kitchen ceiling came down so i phoned the emergency callout i had paid for they wouldnt send anyone. The next day i rang policy expert and tried to put a claim in only to be told that i had to get my own tradesperson to come and see what the cause was. My plumber said it was a leak over time from my shower and the bath was not a good design. So rang them back only to be told im not insured. Why am i paying house insurance theyhave not even been to see it and they dont intend to. They have taken my money and scarpered. My insurance is up for renewal in dec and i will never ever use these people again. Judging by the reviews left on here i think we all have a case to take to watchdog!!!! Update: put a complaint in and the lady sent me my policies i was covered for the emergency cover and the buildings cover should have covered the claim. Still no response back from policy expert.

1 1/5 Its when you claim their true colours become clear
My garage was broken in to and I had a lot of power tools stolen , the garage was locked with a three point locking system up and over door. It appears the lock was forced with another key. When I tried to make a claim I was told because there was no "Forced and voilent" entry I couldn't claim on my insurance. Reading my policy document this isnt true ...it can be either forced OR voilent , it was an attempt to stop my claim. I've made a compalint on their email facility but have no aknowledgement they have recieved my complaint. Warning if a theif uses a lock picking tool to get in your house they will refuse to pay up ...this could cost you thousands. Its when you actually need your policy you can truely make comment on thier services. I've been treated like a fraudster by the very people who should protect me from such instances.